Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD 0.33.1484006 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Crystals, Skills, God mode, Onehit, Max attack/defense, DMG MULTIPLE 9999)

By MinhDuc - New update 21/02/2024
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD 0.33.1484006 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Crystals, Skills, God mode, Onehit, Max attack/defense, DMG MULTIPLE 9999)
Name Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Version v0.33.1484006
Size 86MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Crystals, Skills, God mode, Onehit, Max attack/defense, DMG MULTIPLE 9999
Support Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
Price Free


If you have ever been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And you want to become a superhero, then you should not miss Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. This is a game based on the blockbusters of the Star Wars series. When participating in the game, you will become a warrior and have the task of gathering champions. Fight and defeat other bosses in the vast universe. The conflict and fierce confrontation between the two factions of darkness and light. Will especially attract gamers. Besides, you can upgrade equipment, weapons, … to become stronger. This makes players feel extremely excited.

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Simulation game about the war to take back the universe. This is a fierce battle between darkness and light. Taking place in the vast universe, due to the conflict of power struggle. And is to affirm that who is the master of the universe. When participating in the game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, players will be entering the war in space. Be free to choose the side of light or darkness. At that time, your task is to recruit space warriors to your side. From there, train them to create the most elite army. Fight together with the opposing side. With the ultimate goal of gaining supremacy, dominating the galaxy.

Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD

The battlefield in Star Wars Mod has always been turn-based battles. You and your opponent will attack in order. In addition, a variety of interesting modes are available for you to explore different enemies, rules and strategies. The goal is to destroy all enemies to win. This is also a game that helps you assert your ability to focus and play tactically. And the most important thing is the power of solidarity.

Enjoy the exciting gameplay

With typical turn-based combat gameplay, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has multiple game modes. Including: Cantina team battle, Squad tournament, PvP arena, etc. Each mode will have its own rules to help you explore different arena styles. Each battle allows you to bring up to 5 characters. Each warrior will carry in him a certain strength. You need to research carefully to discover the perfect combination. Furthermore, consider wise upgrading methods to maximize the strength of the whole team. Besides, the wars will be more and more fierce and difficult. These are challenges for you to prove your talent.

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Unlock and upgrade character abilities

Game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will help you transform into warriors. Characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and more. You will certainly find familiarity when exploring these warriors. Each warrior has a unique race and ability. You can summon warriors through the portal. The battlefield is extremely fierce and dramatic, so you need to upgrade weapons and items to equip your character. Along with that, each spaceship has its own crew to operate. Therefore, you need to recruit more people to help the ship operate in the best way.

So how to upgrade your character? You’ll need to complete quests and required battles to hunt for rewards. And unlock materials to upgrade your hero. Besides, by upgrading their level. To improve the basic stats and take the warrior to the next level. Moreover, you can unlock up to 6 skills to exploit the full power of the warriors. New arena locations are also gradually revealed. It will bring inspiration to the game.

Game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD

Join the universe guild

It will be quite boring and difficult when you travel in space alone without a companion. So joining a guild is a very good idea. Star Wars Mod allows players to join clans to fight together. That fight is always more interesting. It requires your flexibility in strategy and unity among the warriors in the squad. Therefore, come up with a smart strategy, helping your team win the enemy easily. You will meet a lot of players around the world. This is also an opportunity for you to exchange and learn from each other. Lots of interesting activities are waiting for you.

In addition, the gameplay also takes you into many different modes to master the space such as: Squad Cantina Battles, Squad Tour. Or you can even challenge your friends to the battle through the PvP Squad Arena mode. Then you will unleash your talent by arranging smart tactics. Besides, when you reach the end of the game screen, you will have to face a boss with a huge shape, carrying great power. When the difficulty is greater, if you win, the reward will not disappoint you.

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Vivid sound effects, sharp graphics

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is designed with sharp 3D graphics. The arena context is also quite diverse, the Boss system is super rich. So the game will bring you adventures full of mysteries. The image of the warriors is simulated very close to the original. With a cool appearance, and eye-catching skill effects. Combined with sound quality through unique music melodies when the character uses power. And be flexibly moved through each different context of the match. Give players more excitement when participating.

There is nothing to complain about Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Rediscover familiar memories of the series you once loved so much. Directly transform into characters and fight in outer space. Galactic wars take place right on your phone, not on the screen. Besides, the game is entertaining, helping you to have moments of relaxation and comfort when participating. Download the game to have an interesting experience. Fight together to become the true master of the galaxy.

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