Startup Empire Mod 2.9.6 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/04/2024
Startup Empire Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Startup Empire - Idle Tycoon
Version v2.9.6
Size 136MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers LittleBit!


The idle Tycoon genre must not be too strange. Includes idle games to build a career to become a boss. Startup Empire Mod is the same, created and developed by the LittleBit! team. Simulate business management, more specifically, to manage a startup team. And players will play the role of a CEO, looking for a way to build a technology empire. Starting from scratch, build a team step by step. Together, ideas to come up with certain innovations, go to earn investment from partners. Earn capital as well as support from them to get the premise for development. The most important thing is still in the players themselves on how to create specific products. And at the same time convince big companies to invest in the category. To make a profit, to become a big business.

Download Startup Empire Mod – Become a Business Management CEO

The phrase startup you must have heard a lot or at least once somewhere. It means starting a business, starting to develop a new project. Startup Empire Mod will give you a better understanding of this issue when participating and experiencing it. When everything is under the direct decision of the player himself. Start with a group of people who don’t have anything yet. Just looking for a way to meet to come up with ideas and in-game specifically about technology. With existing difficulties such as lack of materials and resources. Players need to quickly come up with specific measures. Help raise the will of the whole team, together to get the first creations. Start a startup to seek investment from outside, the companies that are ahead. Persuasion to get capital for development and construction.Tai Startup Empire Mod

Business Operation

Startup Empire Mod gives players the opportunity to try the feeling of being a business owner. It is in the hands of the right to decide everything. Starting from finding and building technology ideas to create specific products. Such as software, hardware, anti-virus applications, websites, games, etc. From there, it is a condition to seek outside investments so that they can support more capital and gradually expand more. scale. Open more offices and factories to prioritize the production and processing of requested information. But also constantly push the creative process. For more new options, look for opportunities. Thus forming an infinite loop, earning more and more money to create the biggest and strongest business.Game Startup Empire Mod

Never Stop Expanding

Initially, Startup Empire Mod will be quite easy to breathe because everything just stops at building ideas. But gradually approaching the ultimate goal of business development. Create a technology empire with large capital. To meet the demand, there must be enough manpower. As a result, there is a need to have a place to work, so it is absolutely necessary to expand more jobs. Players can choose to upgrade and build more offices. Buy the necessary items to help the operation of the business. In addition, the development of enterprises also entails the need for more human resources. To completely reduce the pressure, players can add some food and drink sales. Or entertainment right in the company. In order to keep everyone’s spirits up, progress will definitely be pushed up.Download Startup Empire Mod

Workforce management

To build a large business, human resources also need to increase. And you can’t just recruit without a purpose, then it will be a waste. Also, performance cannot be guaranteed. You need to arrange to ensure that the right person is doing the right job. That’s why Startup Empire Mod is designed with a dedicated section to do this job. Players can completely control the manpower. From security guard to security service, design, repair, support staff to concept builder. It is completely possible for players to hire or fire if they find it unsuitable.Startup Empire Mod

Startup Empire Mod is built with business development gameplay. Aim to create a great empire. Then the most important thing is money, one must have the capital to operate. Upgrading the office, hiring more staff, electricity and water costs all need to be paid. There are times when there are new projects that require investment. It’s really expensive, and managing a business is not easy. There are times when not enough money is normal, then it is natural to slow down the affected progress. But no need to worry too much when using the mod version, which adds unlimited money. Everything will be resolved.

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