Mod 1.3.3 (Unlimited money, Remove ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/03/2024 Mod {{version}} (Unlimited money, Remove ads)
Name - Conquer the World
Version v1.3.3
Size 71MB
MOD Features Unlimited money, Remove ads
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free

DOWNLOAD is a strategy-style game. Created and published by CASUAL AZUR GAMES team. With simple gameplay, when participating in the game, players will be fighting on a map. Divided into many regions equivalent to countries. The given problem is to think of a way to win all the territory. By fighting with another force, either as an opponent or as an enemy. Because the game has been designed only when one side is completely destroyed will the battle really end. Do not hesitate to experience it right away, try the feeling of becoming a strategist. Take the task of dispatching troops, giving tactics. Calculate the probability of victory before engaging in conflicts.

Download Mod – Show Your Talents in Commanding Attacks to Expand the Territory

To be honest, is designed to be quite simple. It’s just a map with every battle being done on it. The two factions are also shown with two different colors, which can be blue or red depending on the choice. Meanwhile, minions are represented by dots corresponding to the selected color. And the number is shown right on the occupied territories with specific numbers. There will be no spears or weapons. When the player sees the possibility to win, capture the territory. Attack decisions can be made by clicking on the location. The army represented by small spots or dots will attack. The results can be seen immediately when the red area changes color according to the army in possession. As well as the number of troops left after the war, from there to make further decisions. It can be waiting to increase the number of attacks when enough troops are found. Try until the map has only one color left and own all the maps. Mod

High Tactical Requirement

Winning the wars designed by is not easy. There will be no chance for those who attack indiscriminately. The game requires players to calculate and think to come up with problems. Specific tactics to see where attacks are likely to win. Thinking to find out where the few enemy troops that our troops are abundant are closest to the goal. Compare the forces between the two sides, if it is beneficial, then start the attack. But at the same time, you have to prepare in advance when being attacked by the enemy to fight.

Download Mod

Smart Enemy has tons of different matches for players to challenge. All are top-class troops and are controlled by computers. Don’t look down on it, don’t forget that it’s artificial intelligence and pre-installed. Fully functional, capable of computing like a real human. So make sure that there will be tactics when fighting is given. And certainly don’t mind attacking the player-controlled army. Even very quickly when deciding to attack. Because the possibilities of AI intelligence are unlimited. If not completely careful the player can be destroyed and have to give up.

Tai Mod

Multiple Battle Maps is built with the wars completely taking place on the map. It is the territories reconstructed into the game based on the real-world map. With famous landmarks on all continents, from one hemisphere to another. But representing territories for countries are all subdivided into roughly equal areas. Players want to conquer any place, then choose to fight there. There will be no compulsion, try to have all maps merged into one. Only a single country exists.

Game Mod has such a simple design, that the gameplay is not too difficult to grasp. Just the battles that are reproduced on the map. With a few small dots, colors, or numbers to indicate the results. But the game still has the function to upgrade to make it easier for players to win. Such as abilities that help increase the strength of troops, such as recovery time or increase the speed of recruiting more troops. And of course, it will cost money for each upgrade and will gradually increase according to the additional stats for the army. But making money is not easy, after each victory only a few dongs. So the unlimited money mod was born, solving the problem that players lack money causing a loss of attractiveness when experiencing the game.

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