Download Stick Prison Mod APK 0.6.2 (God Mode) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Stick Prison Mod APK 0.6.2 (God Mode)
Name Stick Prison - Stickman Escape
Version v0.6.2
Size 78MB
MOD Features God Mode
Support Android 5.0
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Mgif Studio


Stick Prison Mod is an entertaining game with classic gameplay but in a very special shape. This stick guy’s journey to escape from the closet will be something that you will accompany. With the game, the screen has map terrain that you will not be able to predict. The traps the attacking monsters can prevent you from escaping. Clever with moves and jumps to dodge all the traps. Along with many other interesting features are waiting for you to experience and discover. Difficult challenges will never be easy for you to overcome simply.

Download Stick Prison Mod – Stickman’s Prison Break Journey

Stick Prison Mod is an entertaining game with extremely interesting gameplay and visuals for you. You will play the role of a stick man with a big head looking for a way to escape from prison. Overcome all the challenges ensnared along the way to reach the circle of liberation. The game screens all have completely different map systems, not duplicated. You will have always new experiences and a strong desire to conquer. Along the way, you can also pick up a lot of resources that can be used on many things. Try to pick those up as optimally as possible.

Download Stick Prison Mod

The Game Begins

Stick Prison Mod is a game that is released for free on both Android and iOS operating systems. You can join completely for free without spending any money to get started. The game with quite familiar and easy gameplay for all ages can participate. You will move your character using the navigation keys that appear on the phone screen. Forward, backward, and jump are 3 keys for you to control this stickman character. You will get acquainted with the game by the first easy levels. These gates will be very easy for you to pass quickly. But do not mistake the game as simple as that, the real challenges are still waiting for you in the future.

Game Stick Prison Mod

Interesting Features

Stick Prison Mod has features to help players not get bored while participating. You can change the character’s appearance by buying costumes in the game store. Each type of costume has a separate price depending on its beauty. Accumulate money and shop changes for your character to become more colorful in the journey of escape. In addition, you can also change the whole form into another character. Money will never be enough when there are items you do not own in the store. Try to pick up all the gold coins that fall on your way. To be able to shop and change characters to become richer and more beautiful during the experience.

Tai Stick Prison Mod

Game Graphics

Stick Prison Mod is a game that owns a 2D graphics set. The scene in the game is made in a rather gloomy form to show the landscape of the prison. Surrounded by a dark game, the only way to exit is the brightest. Your character will also stand out more in this gloomy color with his head. The head with a special color and large size will be something you will not be confused with. Details in the game are made of simple lines and there is not much color in an object. A game with interesting gameplay and minimalistic graphics will give you an attraction not to be missed.

Stick Prison Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Stick Prison Mod version of the game. With the god mode feature, it will give you certain advantages in your prison escape journey. This feature makes it impossible for you to be knocked down by anything that happens on the road. Monsters that cannot attack cause you to die. Even falling traps can’t knock you down. You will no longer have to fear anything in this version of the game. Your job now is just to find the fastest way out. Gaming is a lot easier and more fun when you start with this version.

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