Stickman Battle Fight MOD APK 4.5 (Menu, Full Gold, Unlimited Money, Souls, Dragon Members, Free Upgrades)

By MinhDuc - New update 08/01/2024
Stickman Battle Fight MOD APK 4.5 (Menu, Full Gold, Unlimited Money, Souls, Dragon Members, Free Upgrades)
Name Stickman Battle Fight
Version v4.5
Size 66M
MOD Features Menu, Full Gold, Unlimited Money, Souls, Dragon Members, Free Upgrades
Support Android 5.0+
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Onegame Studio Global


Have you ever imagined how superheroes in animated movies will fight. Grasping that, publisher Onegame Studio Global has created a game called Stickman Battle Fight. Unique character design has created a new and attractive point for this gameplay. In essence, the strength of the heroes is preserved. However, there is a slight change in appearance to increase the attractiveness of the game. The heroes will be transformed into stickman style. To find out who has the most supreme power. Super classic battles will be played in random turns. Equip your character with the highest skills and items to be ready to fight. In the fierce battleground, when you win, you will have the opportunity to continue. If you fail, the character will lose a lot of physical strength and will be directly eliminated from the game

Download Stickman Battle Fight Mod – Meeting of superheroes

Like a wine party gathering heroes from different stories. The most famous characters in the world of comics and animation such as Goku, Vegeta, etc. are also present in Stickman Battle Fight. They are all here waiting for you to choose and join the fight in dramatic duels. With virtual keys to move and attack is extremely simple. But you should also practice a lot to get the best skills. When there is a signal to start, 2 characters will enter the battle. In limited time try to win. Determine victory or defeat by looking at the health bar, when the health bar of the side runs out first, that side will be the loser. Pay attention and be careful when fighting, to avoid being defeated at the hands of others.

Download Stickman Battle Fight MOD

World wars.

The heroes in Stickman Battle Fight Mod are derived from cartoons around the world. So it is not difficult to explain why the game has such a large number of players. PvP mode will make it possible to meet people all over the world. Compare skills, high and low to find the hero with the highest strength. Show off your abilities, to be able to demonstrate your ability as well as your strength. No tolerance for any enemy. Because they win, you will be the loser. In the world of Stickman Battle Fight, there are many famous players. All are waiting for you to be able to compare high and low. Are you the one who will win the top spot or just the loser. Concentrate with all your skills to win.

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Various missions

You think fighting game content is too boring. In the world of Stickman Battle Fight there are thousands of different challenging missions waiting for you. Try to successfully complete the challenging missions. Each mission is completed, you will gain more experience to perform the next mission. Especially each completed mission, that affirms your own strength. Along with that, your character will be enhanced and increased in strength. Each story will have a certain number of tasks assigned to you to perform. Try to conquer them all. The more you perform, the more your control skills and experience will be enhanced.

Version Stickman Battle Fight does not require high skills like League of Stickman, but requires players to have control skills and quick reflexes. The confrontations took place at a fast pace. There needs to be a well-defined fighting style, quickly execute and defeat the opponent. You need to minimize the opponent’s attack.

Game Stickman Battle Fight MOD

Upgrade special power

Each character you choose in game Stickman Battle Fight Mod has its basic form. That’s the original rendering of those characters in their normal state. After many dramatic battles, it is possible to upgrade the appearance of each character. Your character needs to be upgraded with equipment and weapons to increase physical strength and attack power. The increase in power, more equipment as well as changes in appearance make the character more majestic and eye-catching. Then you can start the battle without fear of any enemy.

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Graphic Sound

There is no doubt about the graphics and effects in Stickman Battle Fight. Recreating the characters in the story but with a stickman style brings a new feeling. The vivid colors of the characters. Along with that is the effect of skills, attacks or jumps to create the most realistic feeling. That is also one of the reasons the game attracts so many players. Publisher ONEGAME GLOBAL has brought to players an extremely attractive stickman style fighting game. Enjoy competing, fighting with other players. Try to bring back to your collection the most powerful heroes. Having high skill and strength helps you to win every game.

The best of Stickman Battle Fight

  • Diverse dragon fighting skills.
  • Lots of superheroes for you to choose from.
  • Upgrade character strength (Ranked A to Z) to participate in the all-people power tournament.
  • Stickman Battle Fight the best fighting action role-playing game.
  • A unique game with Rogue-like gameplay that combines classic fighting gameplay
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