Stickman Hook Mod APK 9.0.16 (Unlocked Game Mode, Costumes)

By HAI NAM - Latest update: 04/12/2022
Stickman Hook Mod APK 9.0.16 (Unlocked Game Mode, Costumes)
Name Stickman Hook
Version 9.0.16
MOD Features Unlock Game Mode, Costumes
Size 71MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Madbox


The Stickman Hook Mod action game promises exciting adventures. This is a game developed in the style of an obstacle course. Open a series of different levels with many difficult challenges. The game’s content revolves around swinging on obstacles. You will play as a stick figure spider. With the ability to hang people with hooks. The goal is to complete all the challenges to reach the finish line in the shortest time. Complete missions to prove your skills. Along with that, you will enjoy unique and new graphics. With a combination of 2D graphics and sharp visual effects. In addition, there is a hidden console built in. Very easy to use when performing actions.

Download Stickman Hook Mod – Role Playing Stickman Spider-Man To Swing Over Obstacles

Stickman Hook Mod is a completely free game. Since its launch, it has received support from many players around the world. Enjoy the exciting features that the game has to offer. With the system, tasks are divided into levels. Each level opens up a challenging adventure. Let’s transform into the role of a stickman to complete the task. With infinite hook shooting ability. Your goal is to overcome the obstacles in front of you. Swing and reach the finish line safely. Complete the mission at a level. Then you can continue to advance to new levels. The challenge will continue to increase. The travel route will be longer than before. In addition, the number of dangerous obstacles appears more. It takes care and ingenuity to reach the finish line safely.

Processes take placeStickman Hook Mod

While incarnating and participating in rounds. Various activities take place in Stickman Hook Mod adventure. Here, the terrain is considered one of the biggest obstacles. The system will take you to the original starting point. Then use the hook shooting ability to overcome the obstacles below. Besides, the bottom will also appear carpets that help Spider-Man bounce up when he lands. At the same time, attention should be paid to empty areas. If it accidentally falls, it will cause the character to lose his life. The mission will fail, forcing you to replay the level. This will take more time. But after every failure is a new lesson. Learn from that so you don’t make the same mistake next time. Helps improve hook shooting and dodging deadly Stickman Hook Mod

Swing skills

Stickman Hook Mod brings extremely diverse levels. Therefore, experience and complete all the challenges to win. Requires advanced rope swing skills. Over time, the participants in the quests in the game have to improve their skills. Lessons from previous failed missions. Front view of the terrain. The appearance of deadly obstacles. Along with items that can shoot hooks to swing. At the same time, the wire must be shot correctly. Use real-life elements to get through with ease. From there you can freely jump and sway. Shorten the distance needed to quickly reach the destination. Complete the mission in the best way to bring back extremely valuable gifts.Stickman Hook Mod

Control system

The game is rated very interesting and attractive. With a simple control system, easy to operate. Even as a new player, join for the first time. All are guided by the system from the very beginning. Get used to the game after a short experience. This is built on the hidden control mechanism. Just tap the rod-shaped spiderman to shoot the hook. Release to swing the rope. The only goal to strive for is the final destination. In addition, just shoot the rope to overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way ahead. Complete each level in chronological order. Complete all challenges, thereby showing off your sewing skills.Stickman Hook Mod game

Like the first series of Stickman Hook Mod. To provide addictive gameplay and an enjoyable experience for everyone. The visual face has combined 2D graphics with a stickman style. The character’s appearance is that of a doll with no facial expressions. Along with its own unique color. In addition, the surrounding scenery is also displayed extremely nicely. Through the environment that takes place at each level. During the matches, the background music is very impressive. It will make you feel more interested and not boring like games of the same type.

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