Stickman Master Archer Mod APK 2.2.6 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 21/10/2023
Stickman Master Archer Mod APK 2.2.6 (Unlimited Money)
Name Stickman Master Archer
Version v2.2.6
Size 43M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Skygo


Stickman Master Archer Mod tells about the kingdom of Stickman being invaded by the evil power of demons. Turn some stick people into evil puppets. To save your kingdom, you must fight the terrible power that threatens it. Let’s start the fight to take back the world from the clutches of evil. Defeat the evil leaders of the dark army and destroy the enemies by force. Players will transform into stickman heroes. With a noble mission to protect the good and fight the bad guys. Coming to this game, you have the opportunity to test your archery skills and become the best archer. Engage in fast-paced and dramatic battles. Face hundreds of different challenges that the game offers.

Download Stickman Master Archer Mod – Become a talented sniper

Coming to Stickman Master Archer Mod, you can quickly become a better and more talented archer than anyone else. Control the stickman character and use the bow and arrow to take down the enemies right in front of you. The pace of the game is very fast so your job is to avoid the fast and continuous attacks of the opponent. The gameplay is built in the style of archery coordinates that require players to have good target observation ability. There is also another factor that affects the outcome of each arrow, which is the force of the shot. You must align to match the distance to be able to hit the enemy.Stickman Master Archer Mod

Overcoming many different challenges

Stickman Master Archer Mod brings more than 75 levels from easy to difficult to explore and conquer. Various game modes such as campaign mode or endless mode can be enjoyed. Here you will have to fight with a large number of enemies at once. In addition, multiplayer mode will be a perfect choice if you want to challenge your friends. The increasing difficulty and high resistance of the opponent will make you feel helpless. Practice many necessary skills and improve your observation by passing the levels. To be able to overcome the challenges, the only way is to develop strength and improve archery continuously. Take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses or loopholes to quickly destroy them and level up. If you know the enemy’s weak points, you will save a lot of time as well as bow and arrow to defeat the boss in the final stage.Game Stickman Master Archer Mod

Character equipment

In Stickman Master Archer Mod, the indispensable thing in every match is the weapon. The game offers a huge collection of different weapons for you to choose from. There are a total of 30 weapons that you can unlock. Each weapon has a difference in strength as well as the ability to deal damage in each battle. Players will have many new weapons after completing the matches. Not only weapons, but you can also change the character’s costume to look more outstanding. With over 20 different outfits and 15 unique accessories, you can completely refresh your character.Download Stickman Master Archer Mod

Character upgrade

Stickman Master Archer Mod not only allows you to equip your character with special equipment, but you can completely upgrade your character. After each challenge, your opponent will get stronger and stronger than before. Your mission is to develop yourself to become stronger than them. So the game has created a special system that allows upgrading the strength of the characters. With this feature, you will completely make your character much stronger than before.

Graphics and sound

For the game to be attractive, graphics and sound are extremely important things. Stickman Master Archer Mod uses 2D graphics with beautifully made animations. The character system in the game made in the form of a stickman is not too strange. Taking black as the main color creates a gloomy feeling when playing. The effects of colors and weapons like glowing make the battle space more fanciful. Besides, the accompanying effects and sounds create a perfect Stickman Master Archer Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Stickman Master Archer Mod version of the game. With the unlimited money feature, you can freely shop for everything in the game store. No need to face any difficulty or hesitation every time you make a decision. Buying the most powerful equipment will make it easier for you to win. Changing the shape style will also give you more inspiration when playing the game. Your hero will have more power to destroy the brutal monsters out there. What are you waiting for, don’t fight right away?

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