Download Stickman Party Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 29/10/2023
Stickman Party Mod APK (Unlimited Money)
Name Stickman Party
Version v2.3.8.3
Size 51MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.1
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Playmax Game Studio


If you are too stressed after working hours or simply want to find yourself a pleasure. Stickman Party Mod is a more suitable choice than ever for you. With simple gameplay full of entertainment will help you have moments of relaxation and comfort. Published by Playmax Game Studio and developed on both iOS and Android giants. Especially the game Stickman Party Mod is completely free to make it accessible to everyone. Since its launch, the gameplay has attracted many participants. Because of the entertaining minigames, as well as attracting players. What are you still thinking without trying to download and experience for yourself.

Download Stickman Party Mod – The world of attractive mini games.

Not just a simple game, instead Stickman Party Mod is like a collection of cute and fun mini games. This game owns more than 30 different mini games, with simple and easy gameplay. Helps players easily get used to after only a few minutes. It has quite similar features to the popular Tap & Drag game for a while. Minigames are as diverse as miniature versions of popular titles but simplified to be more relevant.

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Super diverse collection of mini games

With a collection of nearly 30 types of games, you will never be afraid of boredom. If you are passionate about football games, come to Stickman party‘s special turf. Where you can challenge the AI ​​or a random person. On the football field there are no more 22 players and now only 2 players represent the two sides. Or the game of catching chickens, you join 3 other people in a circle. Try to catch as many chickens and as fast as possible to win. Other games include multiplayer tank, micro racing, paint color, bounce ball, stickman clash. etc… are comfortable for you to explore. Each mini game has its own interesting features, will no two minigames are the same. If there is a common feature, the games are simplified in the most appropriate way. Don’t think it’s hard not to try. I firmly believe that you only need to play once or twice to master it.

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Multiplayer game mode

When Stickman Party Mod was born, it was like a miniature party but brought great joy to the whole community. So you can play with other people from 2-4 participants. You are allowed to set the number of people to join a game with you. You can also set up a single player mode. To practice your skills more skillfully to be able to play with friends. To increase the drama as well as the attraction of the game. The publisher also has the ability to compete with others around the world with tournaments. Join and accumulate the highest score and win.

Game Stickman Party Mod

Funny characters, lovely items.

Just like the legendary game Stickman Battle Fight. The character in the game is designed in the form of a stickman. At first, the characters were just monotonous color stickman. To make the game more interesting, players can purchase additional skin colors to make their characters look more outstanding and different. Where to buy money is the question raised at this time. It’s very simple, after each winning mini-game, you will receive a bonus. That bonus can buy different items. There are a variety of items for you to choose from: colors, cars, tanks, hats and effects. Along with that are other interesting costumes such as superman, animal, mario or witch.

Each player when entering the game will receive the same amount of gold. You will also have a chance to win random prizes if you are lucky enough. So if you want to earn more coins, cleared all the games in Stickman Party Mod.

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Graphics and sound

Stickman Party Mod is a game for family and group of friends. The result is bright images and tones, and the sounds always have a fun effect. These factors make this game even more attractive. However, you can turn off the sound in the settings. Simply because Stickman Party always meets all players’ wishes.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Stickman Party, players will experience the exciting unlimited money feature. You can use that money to go to the store to buy the costumes, the items you like. The game is entertaining to help you have moments of relaxation and comfort when participating. Download Stickman Party Mod to discover interesting and exciting mini games.

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