Stickman vs Zombies MOD 1.5.41 (God mode, Unlimited money, Full gold, Unlocked, Dumb enemy)

By MinhDuc - New update 17/04/2024
Stickman vs Zombies MOD {{version}} (God mode, Unlimited money, Full gold, Unlocked, Dumb enemy)
Name Stickman vs Zombies
Version v1.5.41
Size 65MB
MOD Features God mode, Unlimited money, Full gold, Unlocked, Dumb enemy
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Aurecas


Stickman vs Zombies MOD APK is an action game with gameplay and details that you definitely cannot miss. The game is similar to the previous legendary game that almost everyone has participated in their childhood. Similar to the gameplay of the contra game, but with a lot of much more modern improvements. With this gameplay, you will control your character to overcome all enemies. To be able to come up with more difficult challenges. You can also pick up a lot of equipment during the journey that you go through. There are many types of weapons with extremely high destructive power. Help you a lot in this exciting adventure journey.

Download Stickman vs Zombies Mod – Stickman Assassin With Hard Journey

Game Stickman vs Zombies is an action-adventure game with extremely special graphics. You will control your stickman character to overcome all the challenges created. Starting in the simplest game terrain, there will be very few obstacles appearing. You will only be able to attack enemies with your bare hands. The damage of fists is extremely low, it will take quite a while to destroy them. But then you will pick up the first weapons on your journey. Kill them more quickly and reduce their counterattack. You will only have a single health bar, so be careful and minimize the damage you take as much as possible.

Download Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod

Exciting Journey

Stickman vs Zombies Mod is a game that you can join completely for free on both Android and IOS operating system platforms. This light game will fit almost all mobile phone devices currently on the market. The journey of this stickman assassin will be extremely arduous with many challenges. Every time you come to a new level, your enemies will become much stronger. Along with that, their attack and defense ability has also been significantly increased. Control your character to move and attack in the most skillful way. Keep your distance from them so you can minimize the damage taken and don’t miss everything you can pick up along the way.

Game Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod

Simple How To Play

Game Stickman vs Zombies is a pretty easy game for everyone. When you come to the game, you will receive certain instructions from the developer. With these tutorials, you can get used to it very quickly. The movement and attack buttons of the game are laid out in a very clear and understandable way. The icons that represent the functions of the keys are made in great detail. The first levels will also be much easier so you can gradually get used to the gameplay. The real challenges will appear when you are much more familiar with the game.

Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod

Game Graphics

Stickman vs Zombies Mod uses 2D graphics with animations that are very different from the rest of the genre. This action-adventure genre is also available in video game stores. But this will be a very different option for you to use. The character here is made in the form of a stickman, like the name of the game. From your character to the opponent is made with a single line and color. This minimalism will give you a lot more exciting when the game is in the middle of the game forest with beautiful graphics growing. This contrast will bring you a much new experience, simple but still very modern lines.

Stickman Zombie Shooter Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Stickman vs Zombies Mod version of the game. The features of immortality and freezing of enemies will be the tools that bring you a lot of benefits. With immortality, the health column of the character you control cannot be deducted. Make you unable to die and stop the game no matter how hard your opponents attack you. Freezing the target will give you the ability to freeze the enemy. Enemies will not be able to move and attack you causing you to lose health. They will stand still so you can kill them harmlessly, unscathed.

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