Stickmans of Wars Mod 4.9.2 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 10/03/2024
Stickmans of Wars Mod 4.9.2 (Unlimited Money)
Name Stickmans of Wars
Version v4.9.2
Size 102MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free


Stickman’s of Wars Mod is an extremely attractive online shooting role-playing game. With easy gameplay but no less fun. This game is inspired by military wars. But it will not bring cumbersome strategic elements or complicated operations. Just simple operations to build, fight and survive. Your task is not only to survive but also to explore the map and expand your own territory. To do that, work hard to gather resources and upgrade equipment. From there, build yourself a modern base. With full equipment and attack weapons. Also, stay alert because enemies will always want to attack and take your resources.

Download Stickmen of Wars Mod – Join The Shooting War To Build And Explore

The battles in Stickmen of Wars Mod have never ceased to be fierce and attractive. This is a new game that was only released this year. But it soon attracted a large number of players from all over the world. With a harmonious combination of many factors creates the perfect real-time survival experience. Also with a simple but fun design style. Here, each round includes many tasks and challenges for players. Each round is a valuable reward. From there, it will give you a comfortable feeling every time you enter a new match.Stickmans of Wars Mod

Join the fierce battle

Stickman’s of Wars Mod will put you in a fierce battle. There the player must survive and build his empire. Achieving this goal requires mental preparation and learning how to build things. You must mine resources in the mine to collect wood, stone, and many other items. They are vital resources that will help you set up tents and military camps. Also craft tools and weapons. In addition, new resources help you improve things. And getting better at the most important goal is to survive as long as possible.Stickmans of Wars Mod

Exciting battles in Stickmen of Wars Mod await you alongside mining and construction missions. If you want to expand your territory and find more resources, you need to meet other armies. In the early levels, you can defeat the enemy alone. But in a long war, you need elite troops including swordsmen, infantry, artillery, gunners, etc. An epic army will help you gain an advantage on the battle map.

Upgrade much equipment

As time goes on, the challenge of survival becomes more intense and complex. But Stickman’s of Wars Mod gives you hundreds of unique items to upgrade. In particular, you can upgrade your army with hats, armor, weapons, shoes, gloves, and more. There are dozens of types of equipment slots to add any item. The number of equipment slots increases as you level up. The equipment helps improve the character’s attributes, thereby improving your survivability.Stickmans of Wars Mod game

As for weapons, you will find various options in Stickmen of Wars Mod. From melee weapons to ranged weapons. Melee weapons include iron bars, shovels, hammers, shotguns, etc. Specialized weapons such as rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and cannons are medium to long-range weapons. Not only weapons, but other items also have dozens of different types. You can upgrade these items to improve efficiency. Better armor helps with defense, better shoes help with running. Faster,… Don’t forget to unlock more skins to improve your character’s appearance.

Explore the map

The battlefield map in Stickman’s of Wars Mod is a large open space with a rich ecosystem. Therefore, exploring the map also becomes the joy of many players when coming to this game. Over time, the map will open up many new areas such as the jungle where there are wild animals. The land of ice and snow is covered with white snow. There are also other terrains such as deserts, dungeons,… Each area has its own color and many interesting challenges.Download Stickmans of Wars Mod

Military warfare becomes new through the design of Stickmen of Wars Mod. No more fierce battles with explosive weapons. Instead, it’s a fun online survival experience with a top-down perspective. This view allows you to see the entire battlefield and the movements of the troops. In addition, the fun design style brings entertainment to this game. But the appeal of the battle is not diminished by the skill effects and the moving sound.

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