Stormshot MOD 3.18.100 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Full Game Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/05/2024
Stormshot MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Full Game Unlocked)
Name Stormshot
Version v3.18.100
Size 606MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Full Game Unlocked
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers FunPlus International AG


Is an action adventure game that combines puzzle elements. Bringing players exciting matches after tiring working hours. The released Stormshot has received a lot of support, from many players around the world. When participating in the game, you will play the role of a captain of the pirate crew. With the desire to find the lost treasure. Coordinate the work of the crew to find, exploit and establish a base on the deserted island. Players will also be able to participate in battles with other pirates on their own. These battles are designed as cooperative shooting games. The job is to aim and shoot, simple as that but these puzzles will test the player’s intelligence.

Download Stormshot Mod – Adventure to Find Lost Treasure

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure set in the era of raging pirates. Here, the player is also one of the most notorious pirate captains of the era. Two months ago it was rumored that a valuable treasure had been stolen. Lost at the foot of a strange island. With the spirit of the pirates. Form a team of pirates and set out to find this treasure island. Now you will join the endless adventure on the deserted island. Your goal is to find the treasure and defeat every other opponent that wants to peek. Along with the ability to observe and think, let’s build a mighty sea empire.

Stormshot Mod

Fun puzzle gameplay

Rumors of lost treasure have spread around the world of Stormshot Mod. Attract other pirate captains to search the deserted island and they are your opponents. So wars between pirates were inevitable. In this there are more than 300 such wars spanning more than 300 levels. Each level is considered a cooperative shooting puzzle. The player’s task is to destroy the enemy with accurate shots. This is an opportunity to test your marksmanship and observation skills.

game Stormshot Mod

The shooting puzzle mechanics are simple but hard to master. Specifically, all you have to do in game Stormshot: Isle of Adventure is swipe your hand around the screen to aim and click anywhere to shoot. Need to locate the enemy and shoot accurately. Each level puts you in a different context and situation. The firing line will be obstructed, hindering aiming. Sometimes have to shoot when moving up and down. Therefore, it is important to capture the right moment and align the image correctly.

Exploitation of resources

In addition to the intense battles, version Stormshot Mod offers many different tasks. Here various resources are hidden on the deserted island. It can be wood, stone, metal and especially gems… Players need to find and use them to build buildings, fortresses and more. Use gems to upgrade your buildings. The higher the level, the stronger the buildings and the more profit they generate. In addition to the resources and resources available.

download Stormshot Mod

The unnamed treasures are also hidden somewhere in the works in the game Stormshot: Isle of Adventure. Recruit talented team to discover together. Get ready for any battle with mysterious spirits or terrifying sea monsters. They contain valuable treasures that every pirate dreams of. You can only get them by conquering wars.

Classic visual design

Stormshot Mod brings a quite realistic atmosphere due to the shape of the prosperous pirate era. Classically designed by the publisher on the 2D graphics platform. Thanks to that, the image of pirates is designed based on the inspiration of successful movies. Therefore, the character system looks quite realistic and close. They also built a well-organized dialogue system, helping to lead players through difficult situations. Besides, the music and combat effects are also quite lively.

tai Stormshot Mod

A great adventure awaits players in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure. This is an exciting experience that should not be missed. If you love the pirate theme, this game will make you enjoy it even more. As a pirate in search of treasure. Use your wisdom to conquer the wars. Collect treasure and build a mighty pirate team. To win treasure and build a flourishing land.

Interesting thing in Stormshot Mod

  • No level is the same in this game. With more than 300 different and challenging levels waiting for you.
  • Explore Treasure Island shrouded in mist, and find the missing treasure. Defeat mysterious ghosts and terrifying Water Monsters.
  • Collect treasures to restore ancient ruins and solve mysteries.
  • Build your Citadel and form a powerful alliance with your friends on Treasure Island.
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