Storyngton Hall Mod 107.1.0 (Unlimited Stars)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/05/2024
Storyngton Hall Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Stars)
Name Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games
Version v107.1.0
Size 163MB
MOD Features Unlimited Stars
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers BIT.GAMES


Storyngton Hall Mod is released by BIT.GAMES team. Gives players match-3 puzzles. Find a solution to earn mansion rebuilding rewards. Turn it from an old place with a long age, almost a ruined place. With a lot of damage, it becomes a whole new place, helping the green family have a place to live. Back to a beautiful, magnificent place, the splendor it used to be. And players when participating in the game will play the role of designer and builder. Rely on existing knowledge, and come up with unique ideas to fix things up. Create a beautiful place to your own liking. But at the same time must be suitable to ensure the most convenient for a large family to live.

Download Storyngton Hall Mod – Rebuild the Villa Back to its Glorious Appearance

Challenge with Storyngton Hall Mod players will have to simultaneously take on two jobs. The first is to become a puzzler. Take part in competitions to challenge yourself with this match-3 puzzle game. Try to the maximum, and think of a way to get as many points. Use your mind to win every match in order to collect as many rewards as possible. From there, you can get money, and have the ability to rebuild the villa for the green family to live in. Players need to find a way, choose the right items, and repair the necessary things. Paint the house, arrange and clean it as reasonably as possible. Make sure everything is neat first, then see what you need, and then slowly add more. Step by step redecorates everything, turning the desolate place back to its former splendor.Tai Storyngton Hall Mod

Classic Design

Storyngton Hall Mod is designed by the publisher in a classic style. From the house, the furniture, the decoration, and the costumes to the smallest details were built according to the Recency period. An era that existed a long time ago. This mansion house must have been very glorious because before everything was very aristocratic. Must have been a place for a king or lord to live. But over a long period of time, everything has deteriorated and is no longer suitable for living. That’s why it requires someone to fix everything to help the green family have a place to live. As well as seeing how talented that person is, it is a challenge to be able to bring back the splendor of this house back to the past.Storyngton Hall Mod

Expansion More Villas

In addition to letting the player help rebuild the mansion. Storyngton Hall Mod can also expand to more areas. By accumulating to unlock more areas and new rooms. From there, it’s a place to create your own style. Custom design to create a beautiful place that impresses anyone who looks at it. Just know how to grasp the layout, grasp the shape characteristics of the room, it is possible to build. The game has a lot of items in the inventory, spoiled for choice. Just having an idea is completely doable. Do not hesitate, try the feeling of becoming a designer through the game.Download Storyngton Hall Mod

Mini-Game Match-3

Surely the game in this genre is too familiar. As a game that was once glorious, it can be considered a legend until now. Used by many games to create light entertainment. Storyngton Hall Mod is the same, relying on match-3 puzzles to challenge players. Although it is still the job of arranging three or more identical blocks in a row. But the game with the villa design style, everything is built in the right sense. Bring the block design into items and when the player eats it, it will be converted to a reward. Take that as the value of money to buy decorative items for the house, the splendid villa.Game Storyngton Hall Mod

Storyngton Hall Mod is built with value for money to buy items such as tables and chairs, paintings, … Paint walls, support tools, or unlock new areas. All are converted in the form of stars. To earn requires the player to participate in a match-3 game challenge. It will take a lot of effort and time to accumulate enough to buy an item. There are things that are still very expensive that require players to work very hard. Catch that up with the added unlimited star mod feature. Freely help players buy the most expensive items to remodel the mansion quickly and ensure the requirements.

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