Stupid Zombies 3 Mod APK 2.42 (Unlimited Ammo)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/11/2023
Stupid Zombies 3 Mod APK 2.42 (Unlimited Ammo)
Name Stupid Zombies 3
Version v2.42
Size 46MB
MOD Features Unlimited Ammo
Support Android 5.1
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers GameResort


You are bored with online survival games. Want to join a simple game but no less attractive? Then Stupid Zombies 3 Mod is the choice not to be missed. Inspired by post-apocalyptic and zombie themes. However, not a strategy or action game. This has a puzzle element with hundreds of challenging puzzles for players to challenge their intelligence. Talent test, with creative thinking. The task is to kill as many zombies as possible with your shots. Just slide your finger across the screen, adjust the direction of the shot and kill as many zombies as possible. The zombies don’t move and rush in as usual. But they are crowded and randomly distributed over many terrains. Come join and explore many new things right now.

Download Stupid Zombies 3 Mod – Shooting and Killing Evil Zombies

Currently, the zombie theme is quite popular on the mobile platform. But Stupid Zombies 3 Mod is different, unlike other games of the same type. The game offers intellectual gameplay with quite interesting puzzles. Players need to analyze judgment and solve shooting puzzles to destroy the zombies. No need to learn too many cumbersome operations or follow the plot of many chapters. Players just need to open the game, swipe to solve the puzzle levels, and get bonuses after each level. Ease of use does not mean easy to conquer. There will be many difficult levels that give players a headache. Only a few bullets to deal with dozens of enemies. Therefore, the player’s thinking and creativity are neededStupid Zombies 3 Mod

Discover fascinating intellectual puzzles

Stupid Zombies 3 Mod brings more than 200 levels for players to experience. In each level, the goal is to kill all the zombies with the amount of ammo available. The game mechanics are quite similar to the game of the same type. But here you will use real guns to kill terrible zombies instead of simulated ones. So, more strategic thinking is needed. Perfect shots are required to kill as many zombies as possible. So use guns and bullets to hit the wall to create explosions. Or collide with the surrounding obstacles to destroy the zombie-killing battlefield.Stupid Zombies 3 Mod

In other words, it is necessary to know how to take advantage of everything around to conquer each level of Stupid Zombies 3 Mod. With a small amount of ammunition but dozens of targets, it is easy to miss when the target is far away. Pay attention to the wheels, boxes, stairs, or platforms in the area… They can be fired to create huge explosions and destroy enemies on a large scale. The bullets can hit the platform and fly in different directions. If you set the firing direction well and correctly, you can hit many targets in the bullet’s path.

Unlock a variety of guns, skins, and maps

So far, Stupid Zombies 3 Mod brings 4 types of rudimentary weapons. Includes pistols, flamethrowers, homemade guns, and bombs. Although the list of weapons is not diverse, each type also has many different functions. They create a new feeling when using different types of weapons. The shotgun has a fast rate of fire but a short range, while the flamethrower produces hot bullets and bombs that help you create a huge explosion. Choose your favorite weapon in each level and best suited for each environment. In addition to weapons, many unique skins. It can be male or female skins with cool outfits. Let’s collect coins to unlock new skins and enjoy the cool. In addition, there is also the opportunity to explore many different contexts at the levels.Game Stupid Zombies 3 Mod

2D Design

Stupid Zombies 3 Mod is designed by GameResort publisher with simple 2D graphics. However, it still vividly simulates the unique images on the phone’s horizontal screen. When participating, players will see a very diversely designed environment. There the positions of groups of zombies are changed dynamically. Challenge the player’s intellect through puzzles. Along with that is the effect of explosions, gunfire is also great. Set the stage for battles with live soundtracks.Download Stupid Zombies 3 Mod

All in all, Stupid Zombies 3 Mod is an interesting puzzle game that is no less dramatic. No need for rich gameplay, even a simple swipe will make players satisfied. That’s the appeal of this game. In addition, it has hundreds of levels with different backgrounds and weapons for players to explore. Train and develop geometric thinking through levels. What could be more interesting? Come join us now.

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