Subway Surfers MOD 3.30.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Keys, Unlocked All Characters, Infinite Jump, Fly, God mode, Boards, Speed)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/06/2024
Subway Surfers MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Keys, Unlocked All Characters, Infinite Jump, Fly, God mode, Boards, Speed)
Name Subway Surfers
Version v3.30.0
Size 153MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Keys, Unlocked All Characters, Infinite Jump, Fly, God mode, Boards, Speed
Support Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers SYBO Games


Subway Surfers MOD APK  is a game that has stood at the top of the most downloaded games in the world. With nearly 1 billion downloads in all countries around the globe. The game has become an attractive hands-free game for all ages. The easy gameplay makes Subway Surfers a very accessible game. From young children to senior players, it is very suitable for entertainment and stress relief at work or study. Download and join the game for free on both Android and iOS platforms. You will not need to pay an extra fee to use the game.

Download Subway Surfers Mod – Endless running game on the train tracks

You will feel the attraction when you just start participating in the first races in the game. The mischievous boy is being chased by a guard on 3 train tracks. Your task will be to control this boy to overcome the obstacles to not be caught by the guard. There are 3 tracks for you to manipulate to move back and forth in this race. Along with that are many different obstacles that you need to dodge quickly. Very simple but also requires a certain quick control and ingenuity. The race in game Subway Surfers will never end. Unless you hit obstacles on the way.

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Exciting Gameplay

You will control your character to run away from the chaser behind. With jumping, crouching left and right movements to avoid obstacles. With gestures, you swipe on the phone screen. It’s quite easy for you to get used to the gameplay of Subway Surfers Mod. The first stages will go by quite slowly so you can adapt gradually. The speed will be faster in the future, requiring you to operate very quickly and accurately. In addition, you also need to look closely ahead to make a decision on which track to jump on. The record in the game will never be limited. Winning the game will be a score higher than your own self-made record.

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Support Accessories

To be able to create more fun when participating in the game Subway Surfers. You will be able to pick up a lot of support items while running on this track. Each item has different uses so you can dodge obstacles or increase gold and score faster. For example, high jump shoes will help you jump over trains running in reverse with ease. The star will help you double the number of points you can run. X2 gold will help you double the gold when eaten on the run. Along with other items, if possible, try to eat them to generate profits for yourself. But be careful when trying to eat these items, because danger can be right next to you when you are paying too much attention to them. The duration of these items will increase if you upgrade to the store.

Game Subway Surfers Mod

Beautiful Graphics

Subway Surfers Mod is designed with a set of colorful 2D graphics. Bright, vibrant colors seem to give you more positive energy after a day. Details in the game from the character to the surrounding context. Made in a way that resembles cartoons. The lines are made not too detailed but have been very suitable for the style of the game. Playful sounds make your entertainment more relaxing. The character system for you to change also has a lot of different styles in the store. The price from low to high is equivalent to the quality of the character. Accumulate enough money when you pick it up on the tracks to be able to own it.

Download Subway Surfers mod

Subway Surfers Mod version to be able to use special privileges. These amazing features are only available at and only you can get them. In the game, there will be many things for you to use gold coins. You will have unlimited money to buy and upgrade anything you want. Expensive characters, if played normally, will take a long time to buy. Or upgrade items will also lose a lot of money when reaching the last level.

Now when you download Subway Surfers Mod, you will be able to shop for everything in the store. Upgrade all items to the maximum. Those things will help you play the game with more excitement and create more record scores. In addition, the key in the game will help you revive 1 more life when hitting foreign obstacles. You will also own an unlimited number of keys.

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