Supreme Duelist Stickman MOD 3.6.0 (Menu, Unlimited money, full coins, Max level, Unlocked all skins, weapons, God mode)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/05/2024
Supreme Duelist Stickman MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money, full coins, Max level, Unlocked all skins, weapons, God mode)
Name Supreme Duelist Stickman
Version v3.6.0
Size 88MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, full coins, Max level, Unlocked all skins, weapons, God mode
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Neron's Brother


Supreme Duelist Stickman MOD APK is a famous stickman fighting style action game. With over 100 million downloads on the Google Play platform alone. With many fun game modes, the game promises to bring exciting moments of entertainment. The control mechanism is very simple and will help you easily launch moves to attack your opponents. Fly and dance in the air with unique and beautiful costumes. Especially when you download the game here, all the items have been unlocked. Makes your experience even more enjoyable. Join your Stickman warrior to defeat all opponents and claim the game’s rewards

Download Supreme Duelist Stickman Mod – The most fun and passionate stickman fighting game

Right now, choose your favorite weapon and explore this Supreme Duelist Stickman game. Here, extremely fierce hand-to-hand battles will take place. The arena is random but only has two people competing against each other. A diverse arsenal of weapons for you to choose from, with a map system that is always updated with each version. Helps make visual experiences never boring. Your mission is to attack the target to take away the enemy’s HP. If your opponent’s HP reaches 0, you win. In addition to the strength of the weapons in your hand, you need more flexibility in tactics. Because there is another factor that can also decide the outcome of the match: the map. If you know how to take advantage of the terrain, you can finish off your opponent in an instant.

Download Supreme Duelist Stickman MOD

The arsenal is quite diverse

Supreme Duelist Stickman Mod has a huge number of weapons, they will surprise you. From close combat weapons, also known as melee weapons, there are swords, swords, and staffs. There is also Sun Wukong’s stick if you choose this mischievous monkey character. Next are twin light swords, glow sticks, boxing gloves, sharp spears, spiked clubs, iron hammers… Some weapons that cause longer range damage such as plasma guns, light guns, and electromagnet guns shoot out. a magnetic field. A little more illusionary, there are weapons shaped like guitars and harps, which shoot musical notes. The weapon is a dart, which shoots a snowflake-shaped hidden weapon. There’s also a lollipop-shaped weapon.

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Customize your character as you like

Game Supreme Duelist Stickman also allows players to customize the appearance of the Stickman character. This is done before you enter the matches. This means that in each different level, you can transform your warrior as you like. No match for your character will be the same. We can optionally change skin color, headgear, costumes and accessories. What weapons will make your character the coolest?

Game Supreme Duelist Stickman MOD

I will specifically list some names here. Note that if you download the game at GenZVNmod, you will have already unlocked all of these skins, costumes and accessories. Double-headed hats include Luffy’s straw hat, Russian soldier’s hat, conical hat, crown, pirate hat, cavalry hat, and clown hat. The face skin consists of square blocks similar to Minecraft, the face of a warrior. Clown face, cat face, falling human face, Iron man mask… and many more.

Diverse terrain in the game

The terrain in battles is quite diverse, and is always innovated in each version. The publisher will bring unexpected visual experiences to you in each updated version. We can mention the types of terrain that will appear in Supreme Duelist Stickman Mod. Many terrains with tiled roofs in Chinese architectural style. Some Maps will take you to Egyptian civilization with the Pyramids. Many terrains have features of modern cinema, but are stylized very beautifully. Or there are quite simple terrain types like an iceberg. Or fight on the back of a giant octopus.

More specifically, you can create terrain according to your imagination in the “Map Editor” section. Diverse colors and fun icons for you to design your own Map.

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Popular MOD feature of Supreme Duelist Stickman

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Full Coins
  • Max Level
  • Unlock Skins
  • Unlock All Weapons
  • Immortal

In short, this is a stick-fighting game worth experiencing. Supreme Duelist Stickman has many attractive game modes. Play modes with friends such as “1 player”, “2 players” and “3-4 players”. Besides, there are fighting modes with machines. You can choose the difficulty level of the boss such as “easy”, “normal” or super difficult “hard”. Many new mini games are always added, and most recently the soccer mini game. Funny 2D images, attractive and unforgettable sound. A free game that can be addictive to anyone who participates, you should also consider it in advance because the game will take up a lot of your time.

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