Survival Defender Mod APK 1.6.8 (Unlimited Gold)

By HAI NAM - Latest update: 16/11/2022
Survival Defender Mod APK 1.6.8 (Unlimited Gold)
Name Survival Defender
Version 1.6.8
MOD Features Unlimited Gold
Size 82MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Solid Games Studio


Are you a fan of survival action games? Survival Defender Mod opens the battle against the monsters that are raging in the world. The game is inspired by battle in a fantasy setting. The task is to defend against the waves of fierce attacks from the enemy. Only when you destroy all the monsters can you safely survive. To bring a new experience to players. Developer Solid Games Studio offers some unique features. With a third-person perspective. Gives an overview of the fierce battlefield. It combines elements of survival and defense gameplay. Why is the most realistic environment for players to experience? At the same time, explore many different areas. With the appearance of many types of monsters. It promises to open up exciting battles, no less dramatic.

Download Survival Defender Mod – Survive the Attacks of Monsters in the Forest

Survival Defender Mod’s mission system takes place every day. Every day is a fierce struggle for survival. Face the attacks of monsters. They will quickly take your life. To survive, you must destroy them with equipped weapons. Gives the flexibility to defend against enemy attacks. Defeat all monsters to complete the quest. You will then receive rewards, including gold coins and crystal stones. The difficulty of the game increases every time a new day starts. The number of stronger monsters than before. In particular, its resilience is unsurpassed. Create challenges for players with the increased difficulty many times. However, the reward received after completing the quest will also increase.Survival Defender Mod

Rich gameplay

With the third-person perspective of Survival Defender Mod. Unleash an endless war, combining action gameplay. Fight in the mysterious forest against hordes of monsters with archery. Behind the defense system is a fence. Don’t let the monsters get to you. If you fail to do that, you will lose your life, which means the mission will fail and the round will be replayed. That will take quite a while. Surely you will not want to have to play again? Spend every day fighting for survival.Survival Defender Mod

Discover outstanding places

Join the Survival Defender Mod experience and explore outstanding locations. The publisher provides many different locations for players to experience. Each location opens up a new scene. Along with the appearance of many different types of monsters. To be able to explore the whole place in the forest. You have to overcome the survival struggles. Along with the fierce attacks of monsters. This is extremely difficult and requires a perfect plan. Avoid being spotted by the monsters.

Enemy system

In Survival Defender Mod survival battles. The attack of many different types of monsters is inevitable. They come from all over the forest, to attack and destroy you. Including skinny green devils, dwarfs, giant green devils, youkai, goblins, etc. There will be more monsters appearing. They possess different fighting abilities, reflected in the weapons in their hands. For example, holding sticks, swords, bows, axes, shields, etc. Their strength is also reflected in their height. Larger monsters have more staying power. At the same time, the attack ability is also superior. Depending on the mission, their strength will be at a certain level. Monsters with superior strength will gradually appear after the final stages.Game Survival Defender Mod

Various types of combat skills

Fight against many different types of monsters in Survival Defender Mod. Although you can only use a bow and fight alone. It would be difficult to survive without power support. Use the loot obtained from previous battles. Unlockable to increase damage. In addition to increasing combat ability. You also get additional combat skills. Through the special skill system, each skill creates its own power, causing monsters to take more great damage. In particular, through the rounds, you will also receive potions that can increase skill damage many Survival Defender Mod

In the early stages of Survival Defender Mod. The defense system is a wooden fence. Fight against monsters for survival. Need to upgrade the fence to prevent a rushing attack from them. As well as developing character strength. Use the rewards received to upgrade the fence. Build stone walls, and hedges of thorns, … From there can help characters be protected more safely. It can withstand heavy attacks. More time for you to kill the monster.

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