Survival Game Master Mod 1.26 (Unlimited Money, Immortal)

By MinhDuc - New update 07/03/2024
Survival Game Master Mod 1.26 (Unlimited Money, Immortal)
Name Survival Game Master
Version v1.26
Size 147MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Immortal
Support Android 5.1
Category Action, Game
Price Free
Developers ZPLAY HC Games


You are in need of a new type of survival game to entertain after work. So Survival Game Master Mod is a great choice not to be missed. Created and published by the ZPLAY HC Games team. Promises to bring the most interesting experience for players. The game is designed based on the very popular Korean TV series squid game. It can be said as a fever, almost everyone wants to challenge. Join the game for a more enjoyable experience as an organizer. Bring in the task of finding players, thereby creating different challenges. The game has no shortage of such people, willing to give up their lives just for money. Try to lead, the more completed characters will earn more money.

Download Survival Game Master Mod – Organize Highly Challenging Games

Almost everyone who has finished watching the movie squid game wants to at least once be challenged with the games in it. But has anyone ever thought about what it would be like to become an organizer, what would it look like? And so Survival Game Master Mod was created. Joining the game, the player will take the role of a character dressed in black. Considered as a manager when having control, taking over all the work. From finding participants to building each game item. The game is designed a lot, can mention a few game names such as the bridge of life and death, trimming the cake into shape, etc. When recruiting soldiers, the team enforces the rules completely and requires a player’s hand. . Thus, the game can be considered the best environment for players to try their management skills. Try to achieve the desired result.Survival Game Master Mod

Simple Gameplay

Survival Game Master Mod has a rather paradoxical gameplay compared to the movie squid game. Although the game is based on ideas, the details in it are formed. We will see that the player when participating will be in the role of the organizer, not the character accepting the challenge. With the task of finding objects that are ready for money to do everything from there to create games. That said, the game actually has much simpler gameplay. Once the areas have been marked, just go in to be able to receive them. Not only in picking up people, but also in opening adventure games. There will be the necessary data displayed, the player must meet enough. In addition, it is possible to upgrade to increase the time as well as the number of characters that can participate in the challenges.Game Survival Game Master Mod

Optimal Design

The first thing we consider when choosing a game is usually based on capacity or design. Survival Game Master Mod captures this to the fullest extent. Expressed most clearly through the graphic image, making anyone looking at it can see. When the game does not have too many landscapes but only stops at a single font. With different dark and light squares forming the background, the blue color adds a white line to represent the sea. Only looking, but not going down, the character is in the form of a stickman. Together, there are costumes as recognition points. Loaded up very lightly, any smartphone can download and use it. Make the game accessible to more people.Tai Survival Game Master Mod

Games Categories

Survival Game Master Mod has quite a few games, all of which are highly challenging. Players will be able to see more clearly when participating in the experience. When in the role of manager and co-organizer. It can be mentioned as the game crossing the bridge, it looks simple but the probability of each step is only fifty percent of survival. If you choose the wrong one, you can completely lose your life. Or the one with the doll that turns its head after a period of time. If anyone moved to make it see it, it would cost them their lives. In the game, there are no two words for tolerance. These are just two of the five gates that need to be overcome for each object lured by the player. There is also paper smashing, tug of war, splitting candy according to shape, and taking marbles.Download Survival Game Master Mod

Survival Game Master Mod remastered version is much more optimized than the original version. Only two mod features unlimited money and immortality have brought a huge benefit. As the organizer of the competition to raise money, the need to spend is extremely large. But to earn is not easy, must have the challenge to win to be able to receive. Not to mention with a small amount, anyone can get the machine. If you have a large amount of money, those things become very easy. Immortality is the same, but not for the player’s character. Which is for those who participate in the challenge.

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