Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod APK 1.11.0 (Auto Win)

By MinhDuc - New update 20/01/2024
Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod APK 1.11.0 (Auto Win)
Name Sweet Cookies Kingdom
Version v1.11.0
Size 47MB
MOD Features Auto Win
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers V2R


Coming to Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod you will be immersed in the sweet kingdom. It’s a world made entirely of candy and here, ruled by charming cartoon characters. Join the game and have the opportunity to become a part of this world. Your task is to solve the familiar match-3 puzzle to unlock many attractive gifts. There are hundreds of puzzle levels for players to choose from. With extremely simple gameplay, just use your finger and swipe the tiles of the same color together. The bigger the combos, the more rewards will explode. Many puzzle boards and a series of characters are constantly updated. Conquer and discover all the mysteries behind the rounds.

Download Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod – Traditional match-3 puzzle gameplay

Although simple, most players are not familiar with this gameplay. But Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod is different, the game brings a breath of fresh air on this topic. With featured images and icons. Designed with a sweet candy theme, a theme that many gamers love. So this is a relaxing and fun puzzle experience. When entering each level, you will feel like entering the kingdom of cute sweets. There are hundreds of candies with different shapes waiting for you to discover. Just slide your finger across the screen to rearrange the candy puzzle boards. The reward behind each match will not be small. From there, hoard and use it for many different purposes.Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod

Discover the candies on the puzzle board

There are hundreds of different levels to explore in Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod. The number of levels keeps increasing with recently updated versions. In each level, your task is to solve all puzzles, earn points and meet certain requirements. To do this, must match at least 3 candies of the same color. They will explode as soon as they are placed next to each other. Brings you a certain score. Basically, only 3 candies are valid. But you should find bigger combos to unlock special candies. They will help you clear the candy board fast and get more points.Ear Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod

You should also pay attention to the number of moves. There are only a few moves in each level of Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod. If you have used all your moves but have not reached the minimum score. Let’s replay the level from the beginning and think of a new way to go. The combo saves on movement and gives greater efficiency. The level will gradually get harder and harder as you progress through the rounds. More requests, but fewer moves. Therefore, you cannot move without a smart plan. Think about how to combine as many sweets as possible. The combination of 6 candies will help a lot in completing the given task.

Support items

To help pass the many difficulty levels of Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod. The game has provided a large number of support items to increase strength. They can be a pinwheel, a hammer, or an exploding wine barrel,… They will help you destroy the most candies and change the position of the candies. From there, it can be easier to complete the task. To unlock these boosters, it is necessary to collect points through the levels. So while they are valuable and useful, they should only be used in an emergency.Game Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod

Conquer the leaderboard

Even when playing alone on the puzzle board. You still have an interesting competition on the leaderboards of Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod. Thousands of other players take part in the puzzle to increase their ranking points. Everyone tries to get the maximum score and be at the top of the best. So don’t miss this exciting race. Try to beat others and put your name in first place. With high rankings, you will receive attractive rewards such as power-ups or character cards. In addition, will show everyone your skills and puzzle strategy.download Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod

With an interesting candy theme, the heat of Sweet Cookies Kingdom Mod is undeniable. Colorful images are shown extremely realistically under 2D graphic design. They are candies of all shapes that can be combined on the puzzle. In addition, each level will take you to every location in the candy kingdom. There will also be a chance to meet cute cartoon characters and listen to their stories. In particular, when you solve puzzles or create combos, it will create beautiful effects. Soft, melodious background music will help you relax.

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