Sword Master Story Mod APK 5.0.62 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 08/11/2023
Sword Master Story Mod APK 5.0.62 (Unlimited Money)
Name Sword Master Story
Version v5.0.62
Size 97MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers Super Planet


The story of the game Sword Master Story Mod is set in a magical world. A gathering place of heroes with supernatural powers. If there is a hero, there must be a bad guy. They will plunge people’s lives into chaos and tragedy. Join and transform into a strong, smart, and brave swordsman. A person who specializes in protecting justice, eradicating evil, and bringing peaceful life to mankind. Enemies are appearing everywhere, getting stronger and stronger. They were extremely numerous, brutal, and madly killed countless people. To defeat them all, swordsmen must team up with powerful goddesses. The goddesses will support you and help you complete your quest with ease. Hurry up and set up an alliance of heroes to save the world. Your inventory will include a sword and armor.

Download Sword Master Story Mod – Play as a swordsman to save the world

When you log in for the first time, Sword Master Story Mod will guide you through everything like the rules and basic gameplay. With only the first level, you can get a good understanding of the gameplay and engage in fast-paced combat. Use the scroll bar on the screen to control your character. Arrange a reasonable position for each character depending on the strengths of each person. When running, continuously launch attacks to attack enemies and seize the opportunity to take them down quickly. Regularly practice to control generals proficiently and gain experience. And create your own style of play.

Sword Master Story Mod

Avoid deadly traps along the way. Because just touching it is enough to make you die instantly. Collect a lot of items, help the character heal quickly, and increase strength and attack speed. The game has rich gameplay so you will always feel interested and curious. To be ready to enter the bitter and suffocating life-and-death struggle. You must learn to observe and detect the enemy’s weak points in order to deliver a fatal blow. Make the opponent react in time and collapse immediately. Collect items along the way, they will help you fight better. By passing many levels, form an alliance of heroes. You will have the opportunity to possess the ultimate power to defeat the devil and defeat the boss easily.

System of levels and quests

Coming to Sword Master Story Mod, you can experience extremely diverse missions on many levels. You both fight and complete the side challenges such as: finding treasure, and collecting items, … Try to complete the task of the system assigned to you to receive many attractive rewards. It can help improve the strength of all characters. Improved the basic stats of the character’s body. In addition to PvE, you can also participate in PvP matches with other players from around the world. This is your chance to shine and show off your best fighting talents. In addition to the mission system, the game’s screen system is equally diverse. The game screen has a dungeon copy, PvP, guild, and a boss fight. Each level will have different difficulties and requirements. After each level, your character will go through levels such as:

Sword Master Story Mod

Character system

To complete the mission quickly, try to save the world. You must gather and own more than 40 characters. All the characters are talented and powerful heroines. The beautiful and attractive appearance makes players fall in love. Each warrior has its own strengths and weaknesses. Allows you to choose multiple ways to fight through your wits. Always changing tactics and fighting style. Make it difficult for the other party to predict what you will do next. Recruit and unlock all the characters on your squad. Make your squad rich and you will have more choices of fighting styles. Sword Master Story Mod also allows you to customize your character’s clothes to express your own personality.

Sword Master Story Mod

Graphics system

Sword Master Story Mod’s graphics system is designed with 2D graphics. Every detail and image is displayed sharp. Large map with many wonderful landscapes that you can freely view and enjoy. Customize sexy and attractive heroine costumes that will make you fall in love. The sound system is carefully built to help you clearly feel each sound in the game. The publisher has used many legendary songs as background music. Make players feel close and familiar like returning to childhood.

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