Download Talking Tom Candy Run Mod APK (Unlimited Candy, Gems) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 08/11/2023
Talking Tom Candy Run Mod APK (Unlimited Candy, Gems)
Name Talking Tom Candy Run
Version v1.6.2.377
Size 76Mb
MOD Features Unlimited Candy, Gems
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Outfit7 Limited


Talking Tom Candy Run Mod is designed according to the action genre. Surely users are too familiar with this cat already? But here the gameplay is completely different. Unlike other games of the same type. Brings a fun racing style, opening an adventure about the cat and his friends. Along with the challenges that are opened in each level. Through it, you will receive a lot of valuable gifts. When joining the cat, your task will be to collect the sweet candies scattered on the road. Through it, you will experience new lands. Explore many different environments. Along with the vivid 3D design, reproduce sharp images. With an easy control mechanism. Bring the best for users.

Download Talking Tom Candy Run Mod – Accompany the Cat and Friends to Get Sweets back

Join the Talking Tom Candy Run Mod story revolving around the adventure of the cat and his friends. The cause started with a robber. He stole all the candy from his friends and ran away. But in the process of running away on the road, he dropped the candies everywhere. Along the beaches and then on the urban streets, in the park, and many more places. To search and catch that thief. You will transform into a cat or friend. Enter the bandit chase adventure. From there you will see the candies that are left behind, and collect them in bulk. Through the chase, there will be various difficulties, so that the player can overcome and catch the thief.Ear Talking Tom Candy Run Mod

Missions and achievements

Is a fun entertainment game, released by Outfit7 Limited to experience for free. Believe that Talking Tom Candy Run Mod promises to bring great moments to users. The task system is divided equally at each level. The difficulty increases according to the level of each round. Achievements, when you complete the match, will be evaluated through stars. Please complete the mission smoothly to get 3 stars.

Each star you receive will correspond to the assigned score. The more you participate in the levels, the more skills you practice. When participating in the Talking Tom Candy Run Mod challenges. At high levels, the number of points achieved by one star will also be greater than before. This is an extremely difficult thing for players. Requires patience and practice from the player. It is necessary to overcome many obstacles on the way to chase the robber. From there, many tasks can be completed.Game Talking Tom Candy Run Mod

Diverse gameplay

When participating in Talking Tom Candy Run Mod, players will play the role of a cat or friend. You need to chase the robber and collect the lost candy as much as possible. They will be dropped candy during the thief’s escape. So try not to miss any sweets to accumulate. Each chase lasts for a certain time, unless you get caught in an obstacle, the game is over. Or chase to where he is resting. The mission will end, based on which will receive the number of coins bearing the cat paw symbol. You can continue the chase to the next level. The difficulty will increase gradually with the rounds. The distance traveled is also longer than before and the number of candy drops is also more. Along with that is the environment and many traps will also appear.

Lots of sweets and pitfalls

Talking Tom Candy Run Mod has many types of sweets that the thief has taken, they are scattered on the road. Including cakes, pink candies, colorful candies, birthday cakes, etc. They appear in most of the chases. Besides that, there are obstacles placed a lot along your journey. For example, fire hydrants, and traffic warning lights. Stepping to higher levels will have to face many other obstacles. You need to dodge them to collect items. You need to control the cat or your friends to jump up and down to dodge obstacles skillfully. Need to pay attention, there are many surprises waiting for you ahead.Talking Tom Candy Run Mod

Talking Tom Candy Run Mod gets rewarded for chasing the thief. Complete missions, and overcome difficult challenges. When participating in a certain stage will enter an extremely attractive mode. It is participating in the chase that will be free of obstacles and pitfalls on the way. Your mission is to collect bonuses and sweets. There is also a chance to win a gold chest. Includes lots of coins and diamonds. Accumulate certain levels to upgrade your cat. There are many prizes waiting for you ahead.

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