Tank Stars Mod 2.4.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/05/2024
Tank Stars Mod {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Name Tank Stars
Version v2.4.0
Size 126MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlock
Support Android 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Playgendary Limited


Tank Stars is an extremely attractive coordinate shooting game that you should try. With simple gameplay, with gentle but beautiful graphics. The game will give you the feeling of being immersed in World War II. With mighty armored tanks, combined with powerful weapons. The game does not require too much control skills, combat skills. Your job is to choose your favorite tank, and choose the right missile. Adjust the shooting angle reasonably, the accurate shot force can knock down the opponent’s tank. Released a long time ago by game developer Playgendary Limited and has quickly gained global popularity. Currently, the game is available on both iOS and Android platforms. On GooglePlay alone, there are more than 100 million downloads showing its great appeal. Download the game for free and join the dramatic artillery battles right away.

Download Tank Stars Mod – Fierce battle of enchanted tanks

Tanks are heavy weapons and have great destructive power. With a large crawler system and extremely thick armor, they are extremely strong. Coming to Tank Stars hack you will experience the most modern tanks in the world. Belongs to the Action Game genre but is not a free shooting game. Your shot and the opponent’s shot will be divided one after another. Similar to the legendary coordinate shooting game is MobiArmy on mobile or Gunny game on PC web. The gameplay is similar but this game is much more attractive. Not only solo but you can also play with a lot of people. Use your skills to shoot down enemy tanks as fast as you can

Game Tank Stars has 4 main game modes

Depending on the conditions and time of the Tanker, you will choose online or offline game modes. You are out and don’t have an Internet connection, choose the offline game mode – VS COMPUTER. You will have to confront the tanks controlled by the computer. With the ability to attack with high accuracy, it requires you to hit. This is a mode that helps improve your marksmanship but still requires you to have a certain concentration. Because when you waste ammunition, you are also defeated by Tanks controlled by AI technology. Playing online will be much more fun. With existing modes such as VS FRIEND, ONLINE PVP and TOURNAMENT to help connect with friends and different players. You can challenge your friends or anyone around the world. Fight and win to get high on the leaderboard.

Tank system, equipment

The collection of battle tanks in Tank Stars Mod is quite diverse. Lots of great tanks for you to choose from. Each type will have its own attributes and different shapes and colors. They possess outstanding powerful weapons such as missiles, with enormous destructive power. Abrams, Frost, Buratino, Coalition, Helios, Tiger, or Pinky are all heavy tanks in the game. Download the Tank Stars hack now and you can unlock all of these steel fighting machines, along with an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Don’t forget that you still need to upgrade to make them stronger and stand up to the rain of bombs and bullets.

Tank Upgrades

The tank is not the main factor that determines the victory or defeat in the match. Because that depends a lot on the subtlety of your situation on the battlefield. But having good tanks and powerful weapons is also an advantage for you. Starting the game, Abrams will be the base tank for new players. After each winning battle you will get 1 bonus amount. Accumulate a lot of money in the game to buy new tanks, or buy cards to upgrade missiles. Accumulate enough cards that you can upgrade tanks, or upgrade missiles. That increases the armor’s resistance, and deals more damage.

Designed on 2D graphics with a simple interface, the game  is very smooth and not picky about mobile phones. The game focuses more on the player experience with sounds and effects. The explosion of the shells has a great vibration, and the sound is very realistic that will make you feel extremely excited. More specifically, the Tank Stars Mod hack supports free download at COROMODY.COM. You will have a lot of money to unlock many tanks, help you experience the game better, and easily master the battlefield.

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