Tanks A Lot MOD 6.500 (Menu, Unlimited Ammo/Money, God mode)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/04/2024
Tanks A Lot MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Ammo/Money, God mode)
Name Tanks A Lot
Version v6.500
Size 144MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Ammo/Money, God mode
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Highcore Labs LLC


Tanks A Lot is a fighting game with other teammates that is worth your experience. Not too far away is this gameplay, when the first versions appeared a long time ago. Control your tank to destroy other opponents on the enemy team. You will need to move intelligently and logically. Then launch rocket bullets in a way that transfers corpses to the enemy team. To be able to win in this game will also depend on a lot of different factors. From personal handling skills, the tanks are heavily upgraded. Most importantly, high teamwork. You need to combine well to be able to optimize the strength of the whole team.

Download Tanks A Lot Mod – Tank War With Super Terrifying Bullets

Tanks A Lot is a game with interesting gameplay and high entertainment. You can relax with this game after a tiring period of work. Helps you relieve stress in a very effective way. Role-play into a tank of your very own. Along with 4 other teammates in a team, face 5 opponents on the enemy team. In a map with obstacles arranged differently across each map. You will move in a reasonable way so that you can just shoot the bullets on target. But it is still possible to dodge the attacks of the opposing team. Each tank has a stat bar that shows its health. Make the opponent run out of health and you have destroyed an opponent in the game.

Download Tanks A Lot Mod

Fun Gameplay

Game Tanks A Lot hack is a game where you and your teammates need to fully support each other. The title is similar to the Moba game genre on the market when it comes to high teamwork. Focus on killing an enemy so you can take them down early. If the amount of damage is distributed to all opponents, it will be difficult to kill anyone. On the map, there will be places that can eat blood again. So if each person shoots an enemy, it will only waste time and not kill anyone. But you can also help your team win if you are strong enough. The power can be significantly different when the level and equipment of your vehicle are higher than the opponents. You can weigh several opponents easily if handled properly.

Tanks A Lot Mod

First Stages

The opening in Tanks A Lot will be relatively easy levels. The purpose is for you to get acquainted with the gameplay of the game. In the first battles, you will face weak enemies and play very poorly. But gradually, new challenges are worth your attention. You will receive your first tank when you first join. Cars with low stats and equipment need you to work hard to upgrade. Upgrade by trading in the game store. This place has a lot of high-end and high-class machines that you will aspire to have. When you don’t have enough money to buy those tanks, upgrade your current tank to make it easier to win.

Game Tanks A Lot Mod

Game Graphics And Features

Hack Tanks A Lot owns quite a fun graphic set when the textures are made very animated. Unrealistic style and excellent detail. The tanks in this game are made as a simulation model. Like a toy made with rounded details and more diverse colors. The map system is also diversified so that you don’t get bored when participating. Is an online game where you will fight with other real players in real life. No longer are the machine opponents that developers create. Make you feel like conquering like never before.

Tai Tanks A Lot Mod

You will get a very special feature when you join the Tanks A Lot version of the game. In this game, you will only have a certain amount of bullets to shoot at the enemy. If you want to shoot again, you will need a period of time for them to cool down. That time makes you very uncomfortable when you can’t always launch ballistics that damage the opponent. Then in this version, you will get an unlimited amount of ammo. You will continuously fire bullets at the enemy without paying attention to the number. The more bullets fired, the higher the hit rate will increase, thereby easily destroying the opponent.

Tanks A Lot has 4 HOT game modes

  • ☠ Shoot your classic tank in style in the thrilling and thrilling Hunger Games mode.
  • Fight for resources in Brawl mode.
  • Be the last survivor in Survival Battle mode.
  • ⚽️ Kick the ball in Tank-O-Ball, but with a tank.

Choose weapons that suit your playstyle. Machine guns, cannons, napalm bombs, taser guns, railguns, plasma cannons and many more. The game collects the best from the tank shooting game and the world of tanks.

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