Tap Hero Clicker Mod APK 1.4.1 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, Keys, Relics)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/11/2023
Tap Hero Clicker Mod APK 1.4.1 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, Keys, Relics)
Name Tap Hero Clicker
Version v1.4.1
Size 96MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, Keys, Relics
Support Android 6.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Fr0Le Dev


Tap Hero Clicker Mod is a role-playing game that combines action elements. The game will let you explore a world full of adventure and danger that is always around. The gameplay is very simple, gather teammates and go together to chase monsters. Collect the ultimate equipment and weapons, and build a world of justice. Killing enemies helps you earn a lot of money and items. Use it to unlock your powers, upgrade weapons, and collect unique pets. Choose for yourself the strongest items, and create an immortal superhero squad.

Download Tap Hero Clicker Mod – Idle RPG action gameplay

Coming to Tap Hero Clicker Mod you will not have to manipulate too much. The matches take a long time, just press the skill buttons on the screen. The character will automatically fight, not so that it can be easily won. There must be options in terms of teammates as well as weapons along with a predetermined strategy. Gradually step through the levels, the difficulty will increase to more and more powerful monsters. Especially the Boss, in order to win it, the strategy must be diverse. Flexible replacement of heroes, depending on each person’s fighting characteristics. Use reasonable equipment and weapons depending on their features. Constantly upgrade and buy more useful items for yourself and your teammates.Tap Hero Clicker mod

Various skills

Although Tap Hero Clicker Mod has a “click” mechanism. But there are also a lot of interesting mechanics and skills for you to discover. During the game, you will unlock basic skills. The system also provides magical functions to support you and your teammates. Increase strength and combat ability. This is a great thing, so it is important to find out before the game. But can’t overdo it, use skill and creativity. Because of the increasing difficulty players need to use them sensibly. A smart combination can win.Tap Hero Clicker mod

Powerful equipment

For games with action elements, equipment is extremely necessary. Tap Hero Clicker Mod provides players with weapons from basic to supreme. Make your competition easy. During the competition, when defeating the enemy, you will receive chests and items. The things in it are all random, if you are lucky you can open good equipment. Like sturdy armor or high-damage weapons, these greatly affect the outcome of the match. However, each hero is suitable for certain equipment. Besides, there are support items such as hats, shoes, and capes. Players need to use it intelligently and rationally to maximize their power.Game Tap Hero Clicker mod

Unlock and upgrade heroes

The character system of Tap Hero Clicker Mod is extremely diverse. There are many hero characters with different attributes. Like warriors, assassins, archers, magicians, or elves… Each hero has a unique skill, which players need to apply appropriately in each match. In order for your character not to be weakened compared to the increasingly powerful monsters. The game has a character upgrade mechanism, after each upgrade. Their skills will be more and more diverse, and their strength stats will also increase. In addition, you can also unlock heroes to be able to equip suitable items. For example, the warrior-type hero uses shields and armor, and the archer-type hero uses a bow… Combine properly, step out into the battle confidently and win every victory.

Tap Hero Clicker Graphics and Sound

Tap Hero Clicker Mod only equips me with a simple 2D graphic design. But it still delivers extremely good images and motion. The figures of heroes and monsters are meticulously built. The costumes are also very diverse, the sharp skill effects bring a great experience.Download Tap Hero Clicker mod

The sound of the game is also extremely vibrant. The sound of weapons and the screams of monsters were very realistic, creating a sense of excitement. In addition, the background music is also something that makes players feel deeply. It has a very funny melody, giving a feeling of playing quite attractively. It’s interesting, isn’t it, let’s download the game and experience it right away.

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