Tap Ninja Mod APK 5.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/01/2024
Tap Ninja Mod APK 5.1.8 (Unlimited Money)
Name Tap Ninja
Version v5.1.8
Size 39M
MOD Features Unlimited money
Support Android 4.4+
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers Broken Glass


Transforming into a ninja to eliminate evil and protect world peace is something that everyone wants to aim for. Join Tap Ninja Mod and show your true power. Here, players will learn the best techniques from every angle. The enemy will fear your blade. An army of enemies will no longer be a big deal. They will be resolved quickly. The more you fight, the more experience you will gain. From there, get stronger to fight against hordes of monsters. Need to train in a faster way to improve offensive performance. Peace is something that no evil can easily break. While you are here, all the other evil forces must hold in terror.

Download  Tap Ninja Mod – Sweeping Enemies With Skilled Skill

With simple gameplay but brings extremely attractive fighting phases that are unmatched by any other game. Tap Ninja Mod since its launch has received great support from users. Opening the role-playing gameplay combined with leisure elements has created excitement for gamers. No need to manipulate too much to waste time. But progress is still guaranteed to be the best way to achieve growth. Destroy all approaching enemies with a katana slash. Along with that, build your village and research more new upgrade items to increase your strength. With a classic style to create an extremely attractive battle. The benefits will bring you a feeling of complete comfort when experiencing it.Tap Ninja Mod

Various items

If you yourself are a low-level ninja and do not have a special status in the race, you will be considered weak. So it takes effort in the battles of Tap Ninja Mod. From there it is possible to achieve a higher position and the status from there also goes up. Move forward and use the sharp sword to finish off the enemy. For each of the enemies destroyed. From there you will receive many different objects that fall. The more you collect, the more power you get. Completing the levels will bring many well-deserved rewards. As we go on, we can unlock more interesting things on the game screen. If you are consistent, you can become a perfect ninja.Tap Ninja Mod

Unlock feature

The main goal is to get as much money as possible from killing enemies. To reinforce this, Tap Ninja Mod has provided a bunch of upgradeable modern features. Immediately after unlocking the features. Join the battle to destroy the enemy. The amount received will now increase many times. Can upgrade more power. Unlock new weapons, and use and defeat enemies with ease. Try to accumulate gold coins to unlock these new upgrades. From there, you will become rich faster every time you kill enemies, and let them fall at your feet. Let them know the results of touching you.

Village construction

In addition to destroying enemies, there are many new things in Tap Ninja Mod for you to explore. Where you live can also increase income during the operation there. Each building pays taxes on a daily basis. It is not necessary to destroy the enemy but can still collect money continuously. Accumulate a lot of money, can invest in new projects. Level up to get more offers every second. From there, your reserves will also gradually increase as the warehouse has more room. In this way, it is possible to meet the high requirements that the player-required level meets. Slowly, one day those who despise you will pay the price.Game Tap Ninja Mod

Unlock new characters

In Tap Ninja Mod opens a series of different characters for players to choose from. Here, each character has a unique power. They also have more hidden power sources than your default characters. As you level up, unlock a new character with a unique special weapon. Use coins to unlock them and put them on special training. Turn all ninjas into legends. Here, you can train your favorite character to become a warrior of your own.Download Tap Ninja Mod

Overall, the heat of Tap Ninja Mod is undeniable. Because the classic graphics make a deep impression on the players. Especially the series of characters and weapons are very vividly drawn. Giving players the feeling of being transformed into a real ninja. The surrounding trees are also shown in detail. Bringing attraction to the game.

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