Download Taxi Sim 2022 MOD APK 1.3.5 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Fuel, Free Shopping) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 10/01/2024
Taxi Sim 2022 MOD APK 1.3.5 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Fuel, Free Shopping)
Name Taxi Sim 2022
Version v1.3.5
Size 746MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Fuel, Free Shopping
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Ovidiu Pop


Taxi Sim 2022 MOD APK is a game that simulates taxi driving. Created and published by the Ovidiu Pop team. Aimed at those who want to learn to try the feeling of becoming a car driver. With tons of pre-set requirements to try. Serving customers to ensure that they arrive on time. And move to locations in the shortest amount of time. But not all customers are the same. Depending on the temperament, there are requirements that are made, the most important thing is that the player must know in order to serve. Must satisfy customers, to have the most comfortable and safe transfer. So that at the end of the trip can receive a large remuneration.

Download Taxi Sim 2022 Mod – Try the Feeling of Becoming a Taxi Driver Serving Customers

Currently, with the development of the taxi service industry, it is not uncommon. Maybe you have gone, and experienced it many times but are still just a customer. And if you want a different look, then Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution will help do that. When joining the player will immediately become a taxi driver with the requirements given. Those are routine jobs when having to go to the required places. There will be guests waiting and players need to pick up and take them to a certain location. Of course, in addition to the place to go, there is also a limited time. Or requirements such as driving at high speed, being ready to run a red light, or slowly ensuring comfort. And players will need to satisfy the whole. Try to make your customers have a great experience. When using a taxi service driven by your own hands.

Taxi Sim 2020 Mod

Intuitive Control System

Taxi Sim 2022 Mod builds an intuitive control method, very easy to catch. With the desire to bring the most realistic feeling to players when experiencing the game. With two perspectives, the first and the third perspective, you can monitor the entire vehicle from above. The first view will see the image inside the car. Like being behind a real steering wheel. When the screen, the driver’s seat, and the buttons are all reconstructed to look like the real thing. Create a feeling like really sitting in the car itself with the job of a taxi driver. There’s also a dashboard showing speed, fuel, and a mini-map. The display should be in the center of the screen, to see the movement clearly.

Tai Taxi Sim 2020 Mod

Vehicle Feature Upgrade

Although Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution does not specialize in vehicles, it is just a simulation of taxi driving. But the game still has more than 30 different types of cars. See how the customer’s requirements are to choose the most suitable one. In addition, players can also change the style of the selected car by replacing components or repainting. Decorated, modified, and improved into a specialized vehicle only with the desire for each customer when using the taxi service to be most comfortable. When moving, there is no impact from the environment, smooth to reach the preset location.

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Authentic Design

Honestly, Taxi Sim 2022 Mod requires a very large capacity. But in return, the game is designed with very realistic graphics. Every scene of the city with houses, cars, and people is set to happen as usual. With many people walking on the sidewalks, car drivers drive the roads. And there are also traffic laws with many signal lights on the road. Requires the player to be a driver to comply. And a special feature is that the supporting character in the game can also open the umbrella when encountering bad weather. Even the weather can change from sunny to rainy and vice versa. Make the player feel as realistic as possible. Feel like really being a car driver.

Game Taxi Sim 2020 Mod

Game Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution is an improved version and adds a lot of features. But the most typical is the unlimited money mod and free shopping. Facilitating players when participating in the game will get some spoiled money for shopping. Can search, for, and own the best cars. Improve everything to the fullest extent. For the purpose of feeling pleasure when meeting the requirements. Make sure every guest when using your taxi service has a great experience. Praise good workmanship and willingness to pay a great price.

The best of Taxi Sim 2022 Mod

  • Many great cities to explore.
  • Realistic engine sounds.
  • Choose from a variety of amazing vehicles that are simulated like reality.
  • Drivers are simulated just like in a real car.
  • Intuitive tuning options.
  • The environment and weather are diverse.
  • Provide realistic characteristics (your vehicle will get dirty or require repair).
  • Realistic city traffic system simulation (cars, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, pedestrians).
  • 3 attractive game modes: Career, Free Roam and Multiplayer.
  • New vehicles and challenges will be added weekly.

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