TEGRA: Zombie survival island MOD 1.7.5 (Menu, Unlimited money/gold, Free craft)

By MinhDuc - New update 20/05/2024
TEGRA: Zombie survival island MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money/gold, Free craft)
Version v1.7.5
Size 895MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money/gold, Free craft
Support Android 8.0
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Avega Games


TEGRA: Zombie survival island MOD APK is built with post-apocalyptic survival gameplay. Created and developed by the Avega Games team. When bringing players into a whole new world. Where most of the humans had been annihilated, there were only a few survivors left. Instead, the world is being controlled by zombies and monsters that appear out of nowhere. With the character that the player is incarnated into, go explore. Find out the hidden truths, and see if there is a way to save everything. As well as a test of survivability. Try to survive the extreme conditions given. Danger lurks from all sides. In addition to fear of being attacked, the search for food or water or items. Also, a tough challenge that players will have to overcome.

Download TEGRA: Zombie survival island Mod – Find A Way To Survive In The Harsh World

Tegra hack is really one of the survival games that players should try. Designed with high realism in mind. In the game, players will have a character as a substitute to experience. Under pressure from many sides. Most often, it comes to food, which is always a priority if you want to maintain life. It may be lacking anything, but without enough food, it must be very difficult to survive. Even in the game, it is the same. Then think about other issues, players need to go collect leftover tools. Try to make the necessary items, and create a solid base. Look for weapons to protect yourself, and can fight back when necessary. When everywhere could be in danger, the world was invaded by monsters. One thing is for sure, they won’t forgive humans.

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Big world

The world that the game TEGRA: Zombie survival island will bring players into when participating is extremely large. It can be seen as an open world. Because it is built according to the survival genre, there are many different locations that can be explored. With full of trees and houses, even caves are designed. Monsters are many, distributed everywhere, only humans are missing. Not only that but there are also many types of resources that players can search for and earn. Remaining tools, animals, and plants in nature. Can hunt to collect raw materials and make food to provide additional food. Honestly, to explore every corner, I don’t know how much time it takes.

Game Tegra Mod

Crafting Features

Tegra Mod is not like many other games, you can own whatever you like. In the game, if you want something, you have to research and create it yourself. There’s a built-in feature for that. The recipe is already designed with more than 150 dishes, players just need to open it to see what ingredients are needed. From there, find a sufficient quantity to be able to craft. In order to survive the attack from monsters, it is impossible not to mention weapons. The game is designed with many types, but it is not natural to use it. The same goes for getting a house or hiding place. Need to manually learn and build, put together little by little.

Tegra Mod

Eastern Enemy

The most disturbing thing in version hack TEGRA: Zombie survival island besides food to sustain life, there are only monsters. A race with special powers that appear from nowhere. Extremely cruel and devoid of humanity. Willing to kill any living thing when encountered, especially humans. The distribution is extremely wide, almost stretching across the map. With many different types, typically there are zombies. So players will always be threatened with their lives. May be subject to an attack at any time. If there is no transfer available, once discovered, it will be surrounded from many sides. It was difficult to escape, dying was completely predictable.

Tai Tegra Mod

Tegra Mod is a survival game, so you can mainly create what you need. Weapons used for combat are no exception. But if you want to own high-level items, you still need money. It even takes a lot. But the game is very challenging, so it is not easy to earn money. So the game built a new feature to solve that. With the free shopping mod, every item in the store can be used without any cost. Or with a free bonus, will help players receive special gifts. It helps a lot to survive for a long time.

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