Download The Battle Cats MOD 13.1.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, XP, Food) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 31/01/2024
The Battle Cats MOD 13.1.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, XP, Food)
Name The Battle Cats
Version v13.1.1
Size 96MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, XP, Food
Support Android 5
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers PONOS Corporation


You are looking for a game to entertain in your spare time. The Battle Cats is a great choice that you cannot ignore. The game will help you get the most amazing and exciting experience about the fight of cats. Become the commander of an army to stand up to fight against the evil forces that are invading the earth. Cats of all shapes and sizes. With a diverse design, extremely unique. The game was created by the PONOS Corporation team, and released on both iOS and Android for anyone to download to experience.

Download The Battle Cats – Fight, Stand Strong

The gameplay of The Battle Cats Mod is very simple. Join the game you will be in the role of a commander, click on the squares that are pictures of cats. Symbolizes each character, with different powers. Corresponding in order from left to right. With an easy touch to call to the battlefield, always move forward to attack the enemy. Also another team, a force that wants to invade the earth. Fight until you can destroy the enemy’s stronghold and at the same time must protect the house on your side. Don’t let it be attacked, if it fails, the war will be over, and also the end of the world. So calculate carefully, knowing how to use the right characters is also part of the advantage to winning.

Game The Battle Cats Mod

 Lots of Different Cats

Game The Battle Cats has an inventory of different cat characters for players to choose from. Each one has its own fighting ability, which can be upgraded when qualified. And of course, the emphasis is not only on skills and also on appearance. Although they are built in the form of 2D images, they are very funny. All shapes from a cute baby to a big, adorable cat face, with all kinds of bodies. Because there is no constraint, you can be creative. Build yourself a great squad that is capable of fighting the enemy. At the same time create a unique for your army.

The Battle Cats Mod

Mechanism of Calling Troops In Battle

When participating in the battle in The Battle Cats Mod you will have to choose for yourself a strong squad. Are characters that can combine to help each other fight against the enemy. Corresponding to each box is a different character, according to each amount to summon. Bring them into the fight and they’re always moving forward. You will have to start with the money available gradually as you kill enemy minions over time will gradually increase. Be a tactical player, and make wise choices. In addition, when the enemy army is too large, it is possible to make the choice to use special powers. Attack down to create an advantage, and seize the opportunity to win.

Download The Battle Cats Mod

Many Levels To Try

The Battle Cats is not just a simple battle. It doesn’t stop with just a battle with a certain level. But there are many different opponents divided into levels so that players can try their best. It gradually increases with each level, through each level the difficulty is increased a little more. Build-in different fighting styles, with stronger characters. Making players also have to improve their own troop management and make the right choice. So I hope to complete the mission and challenge myself to defeat the military.

Unique Graphics

To be honest, compared to many other games of the same genre of castle defense. Game The Battle Cats in terms of graphics has no better points, even worse. Because this is only a 2D design with simple drawings. The character is also only black and white, with very few other colors, not adjusted to be beautiful. But the game is still downloaded by many people to experience, and also recommend to others to play. It has a point that no other game has ever had, a unique character. Get cat images with a lot of creativity, and create with many different bodies. Any shape is available, looks very funny, and brings a new color.

Download The Battle Cats Mod

With this version, after entering the game, you will immediately have special privileges for yourself. Such as The Battle Cats Mod gives you Unlimited Money. It is completely possible to buy everything needed to make your army stronger. Or cat food to increase the character’s ability, shield their ability to be enhanced. Getting back is just how to fight, prepare tactics, and choose troops for each battle accordingly. Guarantee you, the players get the best conditions. It is possible to win every war, even facing the most difficult army. Just relax mentally, and experience to have interesting moments.

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