The Battle of Polytopia MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, All Tribes Unlocked)

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The Battle of Polytopia MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, All Tribes Unlocked)
Name The Battle of Polytopia
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, All Tribes Unlocked
Size 52MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Midjiwan AB


If you are a lover of attractive strategy games with light capacity. Then don’t miss The Battle of Polytopia MOD APK, created and published by the Midjiwan AB team. The game is designed in the form of blocks with countless battles. Requires players to prepare themselves for a mighty empire. With the desire to be a fulcrum to maintain strength to attack other opponents. Try to use your mind to come up with specific strategies. Create a powerful army with all kinds of resources. Take troops to attack to gain resources from the opponent. Just like letting people know about your military strength, when you hear your reputation, you must be afraid. Know how to use tactics to win battles.

Download The Battle of Polytopia Mod – Conquer All Wars

The Battle of Polytopia hack is built with two main game modes, Perfection, and Domination. With each mode, there will be a way to play with different battles. Perfection is built with relatively short battles, about 10 minutes. Wrap everything up within thirty plays and achievements are counted in points. Very suitable for players who want to fight quickly. And Domination requires players to attack all opponents. Wipe out all empires until only your army remains. Step on the path of domination, become the only existence, then the war will end. There are also sub-modes like Glory and Might. The gameplay is quite similar to the two Perfection and Domination. Try your best to reach the top, and beat all your opponents.

The Battle of Polytopia Mod

Tribal Building, Hungry Empire

By participating in the game The Battle of Polytopia you will immediately have land for yourself. From there create a mighty tribe with all kinds of resources. And to do that, it takes you, the tribal leader, to command everyone to grow together. There are many new lands, if you want to own them, you need to explore. There will be more areas to build and develop. At the same time, it is also necessary to collect resources with the goal of building buildings and training soldiers as quickly as possible. Quickly qualify to upgrade to higher technologies. Ensure the strength of the tribe, can not be inferior to the opponents. If not fast, your tribe and empire will be attacked by other opponents. That can lead to destruction and defeat.

Tai The Battle of Polytopia Mod

Connect Online

The Battle of Polytopia Mod can be played single or multiplayer. With single-mode, the player will have to fight the machine. Those are other tribes controlled by AI intelligence, completely pre-installed. But do not despise, if you are not completely careful, you can fall to a disadvantage and have to lose. With multiplayer, requires players to connect to the network. Tribal-building challenges, with strategies against other players. It is a real person, as well as you will have separate ways of playing, so it is difficult to guess. But always make sure you can fight, rubbing to increase your ability.

Game The Battle of Polytopia Mod

Various Tribes

To avoid creating a sense of boredom for players, the publisher created ten tribes. Feel free to let those who experience the version hack The Battle of Polytopia can make the right choice. Get a tribe as desired to participate in the battles. But nearly all of them are locked to require funds. Only four-speed sets are free to choose from for players to try. But don’t worry too much, trying a little to win will all be rewarded. Rely on tactics to defeat all other tribes to become the strongest.

Download The Battle of Polytopia Mod

The Battle of Polytopia with the original version, although very good, is always limited by some features. But this version has been improved to serve players with the best experience. Unlock all the remaining characters and tribes to use. And of course completely free, a great feature that guarantees players the best conditions. Feel free to try your hand at coming up with specific strategies to join the never-ending wars. Choose from different tribes to create a powerful empire. Destroy all other enemies to capture the vast territory.

Download The Battle of Polytopia MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, All Tribes Unlocked) 2023

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