The Escapists 2 Mod APK 1.10.681181 (Menu, Money, Energy)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/11/2023
The Escapists 2 Mod APK 1.10.681181 (Menu, Money, Energy)
Name The Escapists 2: Pocket Breako
Version v1.10.681181
Size 60MB
MOD Features Menu, Money, Energy
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Team 17 Digital Limited


Escapists 2 Mod is the second part of the exciting escape game. Released by publisher Team 17 Digital Limited. So right from the launch, it has been well received by a large number of users. This time it promises a more immersive experience. With some gameplay improvements, weapon system, and challenge mechanics. Players must be extra careful when trying to escape from prison and hide crafted weapons. Patrol agents are now smarter and more flexible. Make it easy for them to find your conspiracies and companions. Besides, the map is more extensive to explore. Enjoy exciting challenges and become the best prison escapee. Use what you can and find a way to cooperate with captive allies. Unity will give you more benefits in escaping from prison than ever before.

Download The Escapists 2 Mod – Challenging Prison Break Journey

If you have played the previous version, you will not be too familiar with Escapists 2 Mod. This is actually a pretty complete update. That is why it has brought a fever to gamers around the world. With the latest update, the game has added many unique things. But the setting and the story aren’t very different, which helps to settle the gameplay in the first place. Join, the player is still a prisoner. Locked in the harshest prison in the world. Of course, would want to escape from there. It’s time to come up with a smart plan to open up your life. Start making tools, and join other prisoners. Form a team and do your best to make this plan a success. Many difficulty levels are pending in the most creative way.The Escapists 2 Mod

Solve problems

Escapists 2 Mod brings players to life in prison and must get used to the living habits here. They have to follow the rules of the prison such as eating, cleaning, giving birth, exercising, calling an ambulance, a surprise investigation… Make sure everything is under control to avoid suspicion. doubt. Then you can use the abilities to find a way out. But it is not an easy task, it requires a detailed plan. It is necessary to complete each stage of the plan to achieve the final result.Game The Escapists 2 Mod

First when participating in Escapists 2 Mod tries to trade with prisoners in the prison. Then form a group of up to 4 people to combine together. While in prison, allies can collect available crafting materials. Some of the things that may be necessary for your plan include an axe, hammer, table, chair, brush, sleeping pills… Along with many other things that can be utilized. But when tools alone are not enough, you have to know how to hide from the guards’ eyes. They will patrol all the time to cause unnecessary trouble in prison. Need to be careful and can buy them with money. Note, should learn before bribing someone.

Explore maps and challenges every day

With what you have, can you easily conquer the prison in The Escapists 2 Mod? You can win any prison map. But rest assured that there are plenty of other options out there. It will take you to 13 prisons with different layouts. In each prison, everything will be new than imagined. Including the layout of the room, the dining table, the toilet, the house, and even the different guards. Therefore, every time a new prison arrives, a new strategy is needed to conquer it. Every different place has its own challenge. Craft weapons, and cooperate with teammates to create the right path. But actions must also show compliance with the law. There will be dozens of challenges waiting for you The Escapists 2 Mod

In short, The Escapists 2 Mod is a game that everyone should experience even once. It will be a pretty interesting option to experience on mobile devices. Offers simple but quite simple action gameplay based on the prison escape theme. Join the game to test your intelligence and create an ingenious strategy. Escape from the harshest prisons in the world and check the security there.

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