The Spike MOD 4.2.6 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock all characters)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/05/2024
The Spike MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock all characters)
Name The Spike
Version v4.2.6
Size 136MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock all characters
Support Android 4.1
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers DAERISOFT


The Spike – Volleyball Story is inspired by volleyball. Entering this game you can be both the team coach and the game controller. Show off your strategic skills by selecting, training, and improving your team. Or show off your playing talents with skillful defense, passing, jumping, and hitting the ball. This gameplay has a lot of different game modes such as practice mode, challenge mode, and competition mode in tournaments. You will have many opportunities to show your talent and bravery to other players. The arenas and rules of the game are modeled on international competition standards. The game will bring you the most realistic volleyball matches. In the game, you can continue to advance your career.

Download The Spike Mod – Become a manager of the volleyball team

The Spike has unique and novel gameplay. Players can go to practice and compete right on the field. But this game is very difficult to play because of many factors. Maybe it’s because you can’t control all the players on the field at once. It is not possible to coordinate the players to create a smooth combo. Or if you are someone who does not know the rules of volleyball or how to play, it is very difficult to get used to this game. But don’t worry because you only need to play a few games to get used to the game.

The Spike Mod

Game The Spike – Volleyball Story has many modes for you to choose from. For example, if you are a new player, you can choose a story-based training mode. In this mode, you can practice your level in levels from easy to difficult. Once you have improved your level you can play competitive mode. This mode will help you compete with other players around the world. And of course, in this mode, the reward will be more attractive than the training mode. The matches in The Spike Mod are very fair, with the same rules and scoring rules as the international rules.

Game screen system and game rules

The Spike Mod has two game modes as I just said above. My favorite game mode is the competition mode with other players. In this mode, you can lead your team to compete with other online players. You can take turns controlling all the players on the team. You have to do the same positions as serve, block, pass two, jump, and smash the ball. Therefore, you must be flexible, flexible, know how to combine the players to create your advantage. Whether that ball lasts or not depends on the level of the two players.

Game The Spike Mod

If both players are level, the ball will be long and intense. But if two players are too out of line with each other, that phase will end very quickly. Focus on finding out your opponent’s weaknesses so that you can create an advantage for yourself. Here are the basic rules of volleyball. Each team will consist of six players: three on the top and three on the bottom. The side that scores in that phase will have the right to kick the ball in the next phase. A player must not touch the ball twice in a row in a ball. If a player touches it twice in a row, it will be a foul and forfeit the point. So players don’t just have to master skills. But players also have to master the rules of the game in The Spike.

Recruit players to form a team

To have a team of your own in game The Spike – Volleyball Story. You can recruit players with low to high stats. The higher the stat, the more money you spend to recruit. All the players in the game are inspired by famous players in volleyball. You can practice and improve the stats of each player. Let’s find out the weaknesses and strengths of each player. To consider improving that weakness for the player. For example, for a professional player whose jump is too poor, you should improve that for a player. To increase your team’s attack ability. Or a defensive player whose speed and defense are too poor, it is very difficult to stop the opponent’s strong attack. Improve them to improve your defense.

The Spike Mod

Graphics system

The Spike Mod is designed on a very unique 2D graphics background. Thanks to that, the game capacity is not high. Make the game run smoothly. From actions, gestures, and backgrounds to frame quality are extremely smooth. Will make volleyball lovers unable to ignore this game. If you are a lover of this sport, what are you waiting for without immediately downloading this gameplay to your device.

Highlights of The Spike – Volleyball Story Mod

  • Volleyball game is developed by a team of developers who are high school students.
  • Games where developers constantly communicate with players.
  • Dispel all your stress with the wonderful sound of a powerful smash.
  • The vibrant sounds will create the feeling of an exercise session.
  • A game that showcases the future of indie gaming in Korea.
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