The Walking Dead: Our World Mod APK (Menu/Onehit, no jerk)

By MinhDuc - New update 11/04/2023
The Walking Dead: Our World Mod APK (Menu/Onehit, no jerk)
Name The Walking Dead: Our World
Version v19.1.3.7347
Size 129MB
MOD Features Menu/Onehit, no jerk
Support Android 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Next Games


Experience the feeling of living in a world full of zombies at The Walking Dead: Our World Mod. This is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Zombies roam all over the city. They eat humans and are gradually taking over human habitation. Your mission is to become a sniper hunting and killing these zombies to protect the city. You and the survivors will work together. Build bases to prevent zombies from entering. Use available resources such as food, drinking water, ammunition, wood, and other rare resources. Build buildings to upgrade your barracks. From a single hut, turn it into a unique barracks. Resist the invasion of the undead, and spend hours training warriors.

Download The Walking Dead: Our World Mod – Rescue people and destroy the undead

Find survivors and form a team to destroy the zombies in the city. In The Walking Dead: Our World Mod you have the opportunity to explore everywhere and destroy enemies. This will be a great adventure for you. Players will be supported by weapons, skills, and teammates to overcome difficulties and challenges in the game. Control the character to fight by aiming directly at the enemy to shoot. Make sure your shot is accurate to avoid injuring your teammates. Players can freely choose the character to accompany them on the way to killing zombies and protecting the world. Each character will own a different weapon and skill. Most of the default weapons are guns. So make the most of their power and use them carefully. This will be the thing that helps you take down your enemies quickly.The Walking Dead Our World Mod

Experience the feeling of fear

Unlike other games of the same genre. The player must click on the map and move to see the enemy. But with The Walking Dead: Our World Mod it is different, here you are allowed to observe the map without having to move or do anything else. Players will easily find items and hide and destroy different types of zombies. Feeling exciting, suspenseful, and thrilling in every movement. The game has a creepy and mysterious sound, where there are always many hidden dangers lurking around you. Players face many different groups of enemies. Equip yourself with a spirit of steel to be able to overcome it easily.Download The Walking Dead Our World Mod

Connect with friends

The Walking Dead: Our World Mod is a game that brings suspense, novelty, and fun. Attract thousands of gamers from all over the world. Become a professional shooter and enjoy thrilling, exciting matches with your friends. Rescue the survivors and save the world that is on the verge of collapse. Show off your top shooting skills to your friends by controlling your character’s actions. Collect and search for different character cards from the movies in the series of the same name like Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, etc. And choose your favorite character. Team up to fight together. Unlock and upgrade different guns to become a professional shooter. Each match always has different attractive rewards waiting for you to discover.

Card game with unique mechanics

The Walking Dead: Our World Mod has three types of cards: Weapon cards represent a multitude of guns that you can use to defeat zombies. The hero card gives you companions in battle. Privilege is a card that increases the character’s stats. As you kill more and more opponents and collect more items and materials. Use them to upgrade weapons, you will receive rare cards. It is because of such a level of division that players are more interested and want to conquer.Game The Walking Dead Our World Mod

Inspiration to attract players

The Walking Dead: Our World Mod is the latest action game based on the popular series The Walking Dead. Unlike other games, instead of collecting cute creatures, you will attack zombies with a virtual arsenal. Save survivors and recruit heroes. That’s one of the things that drives movie enthusiasts to the game, where you’ll have a truly movie-like experience.Download The Walking Dead Our World Mod

A lot of details and events happen in The Walking Dead: Our World Mod. The special thing is that they are all based on the original TV series. Along with a lot of familiar details, items, and elements. Build barracks and fight the evil undead. To find new stories as well as endless fun.

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