The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD 6.2.0 (Menu, God mode, Onehit, Unlimited Money, Full Rubies, Free Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/05/2024
The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD {{version}} (Menu, God mode, Onehit, Unlimited Money, Full Rubies, Free Shopping)
Name The Walking Dead: Survivors
Version v6.2.0
Size 520MB
MOD Features Menu, God mode, Onehit, Unlimited Money, Full Rubies, Free Shopping
Support Android 4.4+
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Galaxy Play Technology Limited


The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK is a survival game, fighting zombies to regain life. With the context that our world has been infected with a strange virus. Causing every creature on earth to lose control and go mad. The animals became bloodthirsty monsters. And humans no longer have reason and become zombies, undead. In the game, you will be playing the role of one of the lucky survivors. With your survival instincts, you will have to fight mercilessly to stay alive. You and the others have to find the hiding place because the monsters are very crowded. Build a solid defense to stop the advance of zombies.

Download The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod – Take a gun and fight or become a zombie

Game The Walking Dead: Survivors survival challenge is a really great experience. Not simply holding a gun, firing and killing inanimate zombies. You also have to search for food, water, necessities for life in the right sense.`. You have to cooperate with others to build bases, craft weapons. With the zombies as numerous as ants, you and your teammates also need to have a strategy. Lure them to the battlefield that has been set up, otherwise how much ammunition is enough. Not only protect yourself, but also many other important tasks that need you to perform. Build strategies, upgrade characters, gather resources to survive in this harsh situation.

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Attractive gameplay

Join the game, you will play as one of the heroes who survived the great zombie apocalypse. You can choose one of two specialized groups of people: combat warriors, or builders. With special skills such as the ability to punch and kick to attack enemies. Or be a builder with the ability to exploit, build and design like an engineer. The most attractive feature of The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod is the online multiplayer mode. Our teammates are different players, with their own personalities and independent thinking. This has created an attraction for gamers by its authenticity. We will act according to each person’s instinct, but cannot control them.

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Set up an army or an alliance

In the harsh world you live in, everything becomes important. In addition to food and water, which are the basics, you need an ideal land to build everything. It is necessary to build a defense infrastructure, establish a defense force or a military alliance. In this chaotic situation, you are not allowed to hesitate and every decision, right or wrong, has a price. When meeting other players from all over the world, you will have 2 options. Is to join hands with them to create the most powerful military alliance. Or either use force to subdue or confront the ultimate goal of dominating your army in game The Walking Dead: Survivors.

Game The Walking Dead Survivors Mod

Characters in the game

The game is licensed from the popular TV series “The Walking Dead” of AMC channel. Adapted from the comic series of the same name with content about the horror and post-apocalyptic genres. So in the world of The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod, you will recruit iconic celebrities like Rick, Michonne, Negan, Glenn and many more. And they will have diverse and distinct fighting abilities. Enriching you in recruiting tactical combat formations. Like a group of troops with close combat skills with melee weapons. A few belonged to the cavalry group and the rest were warriors using ranged weapons. Deals high damage with bows and arrows, firearms.

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Game The Walking Dead: Survivors is a dramatic and engaging survival role-playing game. Your mission is to upgrade and build defenses. Fight against hordes of youkai and zombies, sometimes even living people because they are not very friendly. With an extremely large map system, where there are a lot of interesting activities going on. Download the version of The Walking Dead Mod at here, you will have cool Mod features. Like the ability to be immortal to against monsters and zombies, not dying easily was a necessity in the battlefield. Or your character can Onehit the zombies with just 1 bullet or 1 slash. Helps to save the team’s energy and ammunition. Download the game now 😛

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