Top Speed MOD APK 1.43.12 (Unlimited Money, Full Gold, All Cars Unlocked)

By HAI NAM - Latest update: 01/11/2023
Top Speed MOD APK 1.43.12 (Unlimited Money, Full Gold, All Cars Unlocked)
Name Top Speed
Version 1.43.12
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Gold, All Cars Unlocked
Size 103MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher T-Bull


Have you ever thought that you would become a professional racer? Compete to escape from the oligarchs. Top Speed MOD APK opens for players’ extremely fierce matches. Was voted the most dramatic and attractive racing game of the year. A racing car designed to new standards. From racing to extremely attractive gameplay. Here, you enter a world of crime. Participate in illegal underground racing. Compete with mafia bosses to become the new boss of the city. Use luxury supercars to beat every opponent on the track. Prove to everyone who is the tycoon of the city.

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The gameplay of Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing is quite simple. Not too complicated or require high skills. With a straight path, there are no obstacles on the way. There are no dangerous turns, and at the same time, it is impossible to perform car drift skills. Here, speed is the most important factor determining your victory or defeat in the race. Vehicle customization skills are required. Along with that is upgrading and equipping accessories and spare parts. Not only that but from time to time, when entering the next mode. You need to unlock new cars so you can continue to compete with mafia bosses. Keep pressing the accelerator pedal until you reach the finish line. Feel the movement and roar of the car on the track. Get to the finish line with the lead and get the absolute victory. From there, you will receive many valuable rewards.

Top Speed ​​Drag & Fast Street Racing 3D Mod

Show skills to compete with bosses

The races at high speed in Top Speed Mod are all very attractive. Players are often impressed by the simple but equally thrilling gameplay. The opponent at each match will be the notorious mafia boss. Every time a battle occurs, you will compete against one of 20 different bosses. They are all professional racers with powerful performance cars. Winning requires a flexible combination of shifting and increasing speed. When reaching a certain speed for the initial vehicle. You need to shift gears quickly to help speed up your car. Requires controls to be flexible. Because it only takes one action to slow the car opponent away from you. It requires a racer’s skill, precision, and courage. Combine nitro as needed to help get to the finish line faster.

Ear Top Speed ​​Drag & Fast Street Racing 3D Mod

Unique series of racing car models

Game Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing brings an extremely modern racing car inventory. Own one-of-a-kind cars right away. A series of the most famous car models in the world are present here. Including Audi, SEAT, Lamborghini, Bugatti… You can even drive a police car to participate in a thrilling race. Each car comes with a different engine, appearance, and performance. You can see the detailed specifications of each vehicle through the details of each vehicle. Check the speed, transmission, weight, and power of each vehicle. Choose the desired car for yourself and unlock them with the accumulated bonus amount. This will help you increase your excitement for the next game. Because being able to drive a car that you love will be extremely exciting.

Game Top Speed ​​Drag & Fast Street Racing 3D Mod

Upgrades for racing cars

Besides choosing your favorite car. Players need to upgrade vehicles to improve their performance. Top Speed Mod bring accessories to help players’ cars speed up. From there can easily win. Including tires, nitro, exhaust, engine, transmission, and air filter, … Each part of the upgraded car will change a certain amount of performance. For example, tires will help the car grip the road better, the transmission helps the car reduce the time to change gears faster and more agile. Especially the upgraded engine, which increases the maximum speed. Or nitro will increase with longer use. In addition, you can change the look of the car with a range of different colors. Choose the right paint color and add some favorite stickers. This will help the car stand out on the track with an impressive appearance.

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In particular, each area in Top Speed Mod is designed in detail. With a realistic 3D interface. The developer is inspired by real-life creations. Combined with the surrounding background sculpt, they are very lively. Combine day, night, and changing weather effects for an enjoyable experience. The interface of the cars is shown as extremely modern. Create a highlight for the clashes that broke out.

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