Tower Conquest Mod APK 23.0.18g (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/09/2023
Tower Conquest Mod APK 23.0.18g (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Name Tower Conquest: Tower Defense
Version v23.0.18g
Size 132MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Titan Mobile LLC


Tower Conquest Mod is an attractive defense strategy game. Published by Titan Mobile LLC, with the desire to let players have hours of entertainment. When you become the commander of an army. Take the task of leading, bringing troops to fight with different opponents. By relying on the calculation to come up with specific tactics, and multi-dimensional vision. with the aim of destroying every soldier that breaks through the enemy’s defenses. Proceed to destroy your stronghold to be able to end the match. At the same time protect the stronghold, the entire tower of your side does not let damage even a little. Do not compromise with anyone, because the game brings about a war between two forces. So only one side can survive. Or fight hard to prove your army is the strongest.

Download Tower Conquest Mod – Strengthening Troops Attempting Tower Defense

Tower Conquest Mod is built with simple gameplay but requires high concentration. When entering the battle, the player needs to always pay attention to the enemy, and not be allowed to ignore it even for a minute. Because the game is with the desire that players can challenge themselves. So designed a lot of opponents to create countless battles. The difficulty is constantly increasing with each level. Surely at the very beginning will successively take out the soldiers. Do not miss any opportunity to attack, or destroy the tower to make the player fail. But need to calm down, this game is a strategy game so it needs to be calculated carefully. Can’t attack indiscriminately, it will be easy to lose. Look closely at the force the enemy calls out to find a countermeasure. Because in the army, the game builds each soldier has a different ability.Tower Conquest Mod

Diverse Character System

Tower Conquest Mod has an extremely diverse army when divided into five factions and has up to 70 different characters. All are built with extremely high quality when taking on many shapes, creating a beauty that attracts everyone’s eyes. Just like each character has unique skills and abilities. All kinds of elves and dwarves have close-range attack physical damage. Or archers, magicians, capable of attacking from a distance. If you know the combination, surely no enemy can stop it. There are also heroes with absolute strength, able to withstand and destroy many enemies at once.Download Tower Conquest Mod

Tower Abilities

In the Tower Conquest Mod game, not only soldiers can attack. The tower the player needs to protect can also attack with fireballs. When in danger, you can use it, but it will take time to recover. And the damage it creates is huge and can affect a large area. Not only affects the enemy but the army that the player controls will also take damage. So be very cautious, using it wisely will bring advantages. It is even possible to reverse the position when attacking the enemy’s own tower. Deals a decisive blow to end the battle.Game Tower Conquest Mod

Upgrade Features

Although Tower Conquest Mod builds a lot of characters with a variety of species. Feel free to let players choose to bring to battle. But the enemy’s strength was the same, and even the later matches had to be defeated. So the game builds more upgrade features, making the character stronger. Based on the available attributes, see what needs and wants can benefit the military. But of course, players also have to work hard when upgrading will cost a fee. And it’s not infinite when each character has only five stars as the limit.Tai Tower Conquest Mod

Indeed, Tower Conquest Mod is very good and attractive, but there are too many things to buy to be able to own. Huge demands on players. When you don’t know how hard it will take and how long it will take to earn some money. Can be obtained from matches or quests. But it’s also really hard to get enough money to unlock all the characters. Or upgrade them to form a strong army to fight other enemies. It is because of understanding that shortcoming that the mod was created. With unlimited money feature to relieve pressure on players.

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