Township MOD 17.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 12/03/2024
Township MOD 17.1.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Township
Version v17.1.0
Size 147MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.3+
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Playrix Games


Have you ever wished that you would have a dream city, arranged to your liking? Township allows players to build cities, build profitable farm areas. You will be roleplaying the highest power. Assign work to all the people who do it. With the same purpose for the better development of the city. Build and take this place to the next level. Turn the barren, desolate land that no one knows about into a quality entertainment area. At that time, many people will know and at that time, the sale will make a profit from the entrance fee. Your income will increase significantly from there. The player’s job is to develop the farm. The whole job of farming to harvesting is entirely up to you. Learn about weather conditions, terrain, and land to take reasonable action.

Download Township mod – Build a city and develop a farm

When participating in Township MOD, you become a powerful boss in the city with thousands of HA in hand. You are free to develop it into a world-class farm. At the beginning of the experience, there will be no money to let you do these things. Machines and tools are quite rudimentary. To improve, having more income should expand the business, and try to complete the assigned tasks. With money, you can buy the things you need to develop the city. Should buy more crops and livestock breeds for your farm to be richer. The animals in the game are very diverse. There are all kinds of trees, fruits, animals, etc… Let you freely choose, be passionate, create, and develop this promised land to be strong and modern. Earn more money and profits.Township mod

Become the number 1 supplier of goods in the world

Want to become a supplier of agricultural goods, exclusive distribution everywhere. To do it, you must first build large-scale barracks. At the same time ensure the quality of all products is good. Show everyone the richness and variety in the quality of your products, when harvesting tubers, fruits, animals, etc… Now you are no longer afraid that the goods produced will be stored and not sold. All goods after harvest will be put into storage. So you can hoard and sell in bulk. Prices will be fixed. Try to be the number 1 supplier of agricultural products.Township mod

Vehicles and machinery

Township MOD is a farming game, so the hill requires a lot of labor. If you only work with human power, it will not be effective, time-consuming, and not high productivity. Understanding this, the gameplay is equipped with modern technological machines for players to apply to their farms. When investing in machinery in the production stages, you will have to pay for hiring workers. Work is also more efficient and saves you time. When harvesting agricultural products, use means of transport such as tractors, trains, cars, etc. … Especially there is an extremely modern means that few games have that is a machine. helicopter flight. Use helicopters to transport goods everywhere. Using this way your time is optimized, your work will be much more efficient and productivity will increase significantly. Along with measuring profits will flock to you.Township mod game

Vivid graphics and sound

The colorful world that only dreams appear in Township MOD. Because the game is a farm, the main color is a light color, helping to create a highlight, exuding the splendor of the food after each harvest. The color of the plants, the flowers, the bulbs, etc… Not inferior to real life. The creation of friendly pets is the factor that makes the game so well-received by people around the world. Bring a feeling of closeness to people. The lively sound, especially the background music for the game, is quite attractive to help players relax after stressful working days.Download Township mod

Township MOD is a world just for you. Players can comfortably expand their farms without worrying about being limited. You also need to develop a good security system, to avoid theft of agricultural products causing riots in the city. However, everywhere, gold coins are used to buy new varieties of plants and build buildings and develop farms. To earn gold, players will have to complete assigned tasks, as well as harvest and sell items. With the Mod feature, that no longer matters. You can freely shop for rare plant varieties, and build more works to develop the country. So becoming a great boss of a prosperous country is not far away. Join the game and experience it right away.

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