Download Traffic Rider Mod 1.99b (Unlimited Money, No Ads) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 20/02/2024
Traffic Rider Mod 1.99b (Unlimited Money, No Ads)
Name Traffic Rider
Version v1.99b
Size 95MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Support Android 5.0
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Soner Kara


Are you a speed enthusiast? Do you want to enter a career in semi-pro or semi-pro major distribution racing? When you come to this game you will experience all these things. Traffic Rider Mod will help you become a professional racer right on your phone. Join the race featuring the best athletes in the world. Inspired by endless street races. The developer has created a super product that has attracted hundreds of millions of downloads worldwide. Currently, the game has been developed for players to be able to easily access and download on two platforms, iOS, and Android, to help players easily experience this fascinating game. In addition, if you download the unlimited money mod version, you will unlock many other car models and upgrade them to become more powerful,

Download Traffic Rider Mod – Become a professional racer

Coming to Traffic Rider Mod you start the race right on the roads of traffic passing daily. Street racing has many challenges, much more difficult than professional racing. Besides its competitors, there are other means of transportation. All kinds of cars, bicycles, motorbikes, tricycles, etc. People move in a hurry, there are no rules.

Traffic Rider Mod

You have to maneuver your motorcycle skillfully and overtake all other cars. To be able to win in road races, fill up a lot of gas. It’s your chance to leave your rivals behind. Remember that speed is always proportional to the occurrence of an accident. So if you just need to be negligent for 1 second, you will have to lie down and finish the race. So please control the throttle so that it is more reasonable. In corners, use the brake to slow down. Traffic Rider Mod offers you missions that require you to take risks.

The system of racing cars is diverse

Coming to Traffic Rider Mod, you will experience a variety of vehicle models. Sorted and sold at various prices in the store. Car models are designed from classic to modern sports cars and are fully in the game. You can choose the models according to your preferences ride, but remember each type of car has different strengths and weaknesses depending on the track.

Game Traffic Rider Mod

In addition to the car system, Traffic Rider Mod also allows you to add different engines to equip your car. It helps your car increase acceleration, tire grip, cornering ability, etc. These are the parameters you need to pay attention to when tuning your car. To own the most powerful cars that can accelerate to more than 100km / h, you need to spend a small amount of money. You will have to collect bonuses after each race to buy and upgrade your car. For you: Toma, 450S, BWM, Toma, Kawasaki Ninja H2, and AGS 4F are the speed bosses in the game.

Simple gameplay

Regarding the error of Traffic Rider Mod, it is quite simple. You can easily get used to and control the car in the most fluent way. When you start entering the track on the screen, two scooters appear on the left and right, which are used for acceleration and braking. The horn button symbol is used to signal to the vehicle in front to avoid the road so that the vehicle behind can pass without causing an accident. Or the poison button can be used when it turns purple, but in order for the car to be able to fill the load button, your car must be running at lightning speed.

Download Traffic Rider Mod

In addition, when approaching the finish line, the system of Traffic Rider Mod will appear as the finishing flag. If you pass the flag, you will receive a reward corresponding to the position where you finish. So try to get to the finish line first to get a great reward. But you have to be careful when driving the car because there will be countless dangers on the track. Especially be careful with weather conditions. Because it rains at night, it will affect visibility as well as slippery roads, making it very easy to fall.

Graphics quality

Talking about the game’s graphics, there is no doubt about the quality. Because Traffic Rider Mod is designed in sharp 3D. Based on an advanced platform that brings the most realistic look to the player. The developer has made the cars realistic and alive in every detail. Make players feel like driving on a real racing car. The day and night environment effects along with the rainy weather are also carefully designed. Give players the best view of the game. In addition, this game also has a high-quality sound system. With vibrant sound brings indescribable emotions to players.

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