Trojan War 2 MOD APK 2.4.8 (Menu, Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, Unlocked all, Free shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/11/2023
Trojan War 2 MOD APK 2.4.8 (Menu, Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, Unlocked all, Free shopping)
Name Trojan War 2
Version v2.4.8
Size 65MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, Unlocked all, Free shopping
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers MegaAdsGames


Join the Trojan War 2 MOD APK and lead the Greek army to attack Troy. The game takes its plot from an epic war in Greek mythology. Now the mission of combat leadership will be given to you. Begin to assemble a mighty army. By calling the bravest warriors and using unique skills to destroy the enemy stronghold. Continuous squad upgrades and flexible strategies to gain an advantage on any battlefield. Strategy is the key to winning or losing. So, show your talent and mindset to win in the middle. Need to upgrade and manage resources, and arrange squads to prepare for battle. The clash will gradually become more intense and challenge all the talented leaders. Conquer them all to become the new ruler of Troy.

Download Trojan War 2 Mod – Follow the Epic Wars of Troy

If you’ve heard of the epic Trojan War. Surely know the reason for the upcoming wars in Trojan War 2: Castle Clash. This is the legendary war between the Greek army under your command. The Troy army and forces were led by the general of Paris. This time you are in charge of leading the Greek army. Attack the siege of Troy. If ready, prove it. Your leadership will now conquer every war. The strategic fighting style is shown clearly and vividly. Heroes with a unique appearance and terrible power. Waiting for your command to attack, and destroy all enemies.

Trojan War 2 Mod

Form a formation and control the battlefield

The battles in game Trojan War 2 are organized quite stably. The levels get harder over time. For true battle, you must build a battle squad of epic Greek heroes. Each Hero hero has its own perks to bring different effects to the battlefield. The task is to understand each attribute well to figure out how to organize and combine heroes together. To create a powerful army to destroy the enemy and capture the enemy’s stronghold. On the battlefield, it is possible to control hero units directly. By clicking on the character cards. Then you can call the warriors to battle.

Trojan War 2 Mod

In addition, Trojan War 2 Mod provides 2 support skills. For players to use in battle. Every time you encounter a massive attack. But both hero cards and skill cards need time to cool down. Therefore, players must be extremely vigilant. Consider the right time to use it and make the most of it. After a while of fighting, victory can be won if the enemy fortress and all their forces are defeated. Each unit has an HP bar at the top, plus the total HP of the stronghold. Based on these statistics, plan specific strategies to attack accurately.

Upgrade your forces with new heroes

The challenge in Trojan War 2: Castle Clash is getting harder and harder. Therefore, it is impossible to stop at any level of power. It is necessary to constantly improve and improve his fighting skills. Upgrade each hero on the team to help them improve their base stats. Includes damage, hp, speed, and combat range. As each hero levels up, a significant improvement in the progress of the whole team will be seen. But that is not enough, must constantly change his strategy to adapt to different battles. To unlock more new heroes and keep upgrading them.

Game Trojan War 2 Mod

Cartoon graphics, realistic combat effects

Despite being a dramatic action game, Trojan War 2 Mod still looks quite friendly thanks to its 2D animation design. However, it still vividly depicts the heroes of Greek mythology. Everyone has unique skin, look, and ability that comes with awesome battle effects. Create a highlight for the fights to break out. When they join the fight, every fight becomes eye-catching and epic. Along with that, battlefield scenes from five change levels and highlight classic battlefields. The sound in each action phase is also very lively, and inspiring every time you launch a move.

download Trojan War 2 Mod

Overall, Trojan War 2 Mod is a fascinating strategy game. That is why it has attracted a large number of players. Come join and fight with us. Fight as a leader. Show your commanding skills to conquer all wars and defeat the Trojan forces. Do not hesitate to go further and discover many new characters, enemies, and new stories full of mysteries.

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