Truck Wars Mod 0.58 (Free Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 06/02/2024
Truck Wars Mod 0.58 (Free Shopping)
Name Truck Wars
Version v0.58
Size 57MB
MOD Features Free Shopping
Support Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Hoopsly FZE


Truck Wars Mod is an entertaining game with interesting and fun gameplay. Created and developed by the Hoopsly FZE team. A game company with many popular games that are well received by everyone. With the desire to create to bring relaxing moments for players every free time. Bringing exciting and thrilling battles. The game has a novelty about how to play, not a hand-to-hand fight using human power. It is based on the player’s creativity when experiencing creating combat vehicles. Use it as a weapon to compete against each other, and see who survives to the end. Prove the car you created is the strongest, ready to defeat all opponents. And in the game, the decisive thing to victory is the idea of ​​​​creating tanks. Promote player creativity.

Download Truck Wars Mod – Create Your Own Car To Take To Competition

Innovative games and fighting action are often very attractive to many people. So Truck Wars Mod was created by the developer with a combination of both genres. A game where players can unleash their creativity. Realize the ideas in your head to build tanks for combat. The game is designed with full functions so that players can use it to create their own cars. By selecting and putting the parts together. Make sure you can move around and have a weapon to attack. With a seat for the operator, the body forms a solid joint between the components. The game does not have a two-word limit, if any, it is only limited to the player’s own ideas. Try to think about how to get a really powerful car. Just being able to attack,Truck Wars Mod

Dozens of Building Blocks

By joining Truck Wars Mod, players will have to constantly fight through the battles. Use your car to compete against the machine or other players. But the car is not available, but it is necessary to create one for yourself. It can be based on the suggestions that the game has designed or come up with your own ideas. But both are made up of small pieces. Those are discrete parts built into blocks. There are dozens of types for players to create their own chariot. Solid blocks are used to make the body or joints. Wheels, seats, and each type of weapon such as shotguns, and flamethrowers. It’s all up to the player to choose a suitable place to equip his car.Game Truck Wars Mod

Unlock More Battlefields

Truck Wars Mod not only gives players a single battlefield with one opponent. But when fighting with opponents, if you win, you will receive certain rewards. It is completely possible to unlock more new battlefields. With scenes or scenes, the architecture will be made differently. Maybe a few more houses or trees. The ground is also completely new construction. Still under a certain white of course. But it will definitely bring a whole new feeling to players. When the battlefield is changed, it becomes more interesting and attractive. In addition, it also directly affects the war. With favorable terrain, the winning rate will increase a lot.Tire Truck Wars Mod

Simple Graphic Design

Game Truck Wars Mod is built with very good gameplay but in terms of graphics, it is quite simple. When everything is just built into blocks. Like the scenery of houses or trees, all are not designed too clearly in every detail. Even the character is only in the form of a human but has absolutely no eyes or nose. The hand is also still in the form of a circle. And with the exception of the chariot, the player-made vehicle is colored with the helmet. Everything else is just white. But the game is sure to ensure quality, when playing it is not jerky or crossed.Download Truck Wars Mod

Free shopping is a mod feature that has been added to Truck Wars Mod. With the purpose of helping players reduce the pressure on finding money. Use for buying items to unlock more parts to upgrade combat vehicles. There is absolutely no extra charge to use. Can let players pay more attention to creativity. Or having more parts will have more conditions to create a more powerful combat vehicle. Increasing the win rate in each battle should be partial. Or you can buy more different battlefields to try.

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