Vandals Mod APK 1.1.15 (Paid)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/12/2023
Vandals Mod APK 1.1.15 (Paid)
Name Vandals
Version v1.1.15
Size 89MB
MOD Features Paid
Support Android 8.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers ARTE Experience


Vandals Mod is a great puzzle game, but you will have to pay. Requires users to spend a certain amount of money to download the game. The game promises to bring extremely interesting times for you. The content of the game is a combination of art drawing and puzzles. Play as a naughty boy, specializing in vandalism around the street. Run away from the street watchers. They are police officers and the dog follows them to keep the neighborhood safe. Your target paints on the wall and then run away from the chase. In addition, the system provides some interesting functions. Enter the game to explore level-based missions. Learn more about cities as a vandal. At the same time, you can get excellent trophies for vandalism.

Download Vandals Mod – Show your artistic painting talent on the walls in the neighborhood

When you come to Vandals Mod, you will become a vandal in the neighborhood. Your task is to paint art on the wall. Or create unique images for the street. However, these actions are considered illegal. You are always supervised by a policeman and a police dog. Now you have to dodge the police chase and the dog. Having successfully painted on the wall in various places on the street. You leave there to run away from the chase of the police. From there you will complete the task to continue to the next level. The difficulty of the game changed and increased gradually. After completing each mission you will go to the next level. You will face more difficult challenges. The number of people chasing you will increase so it will be difficult to find a way out.

Vandals Mod

Quest System

The process of completing tasks in the levels of Vandals Mod takes place in a corner of the city. On the street, there will be lines that guide you to the places in the quest. The line will appear in a variety of colors including blue and red. In which, the green arrow line is the moving path that you can go. And the red arrow line belongs to the road that the police will pass. It is necessary to pay attention to the direction of movement of the arrow. So that you can avoid being arrested by the police. The target moves towards the hat icon. That’s where you can draw on the wall. Create super beautiful street paintings in your own style. After the picture is completed, you must quickly move away from that position. Because very quickly, the police and the police dogs will come to the scene to find a way to arrest you.

tai Vandals Mod

Level system and city map

Vandals Mod has all 60 levels and 5 major cities around the world for you to explore. Major cities include Paris, Sao Paulo, Berlin, New York, and Tokyo. Each city in Vandals Mod is designed with unique street terrain. Each city has different points representing the cultural beauty of each city. Each city is divided into many different levels. Complete city missions and challenges. You are entering a new journey in another city. With the appearance of many different police and sniffer dogs. It will make it difficult for you to escape. The yellow star can be in any position. When you reach that star position, your achievement points will be increased. From there you will complete the task excellently.

game Vandals Mod

Use items to make noises to distract police and sniffer dogs

To complete the Vandals Mod site quest safely. You can make noise with items on the map. It will deceive the police and the police dogs. Go through the point shown on the map to get the glass bottle. Use it to throw somewhere on the street to make some noise. When the noise is heard, the police will come to check. This will open up many directions for you to run away. In addition, sometimes you will encounter some interesting situations. The policeman can fall asleep. But they blocked the way. Now you have to wake up the policeman with the siren. But before that, find a suitable place where you can hide first.

dowload Vandals Mod

When performing artistic painting actions in Vandals Mod. You can indulge your creativity up on the wall. Example: Write text, draw emojis and draw whatever you like on the wall. More specifically, the game has a diverse painting system. With many different paint colors for you to use. Including black, red, yellow, and blue, and… Depending on your creativity, you can combine many paint colors. Create a unique painting on the street.

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