Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK 6.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/01/2024
Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK 6.4.1 (Unlimited Money)
Name Vegas Crime Simulator
Latest Version v6.4.1
File capacity 105MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers Naxeex Ltd


Do you know the legendary GTA 5 game on the computer? Vegas Crime Simulator Mod is almost the same as the smaller version. Created and developed by the team of Naxeex Ltd. The game creates a whole new world and players in it will be free to do anything. When the law is not something that can prevent you from having fun. Feel free to do whatever you like. Almost no limits will be created. Be a good person or become a criminal all decision power rests with the player. Don’t hesitate to do something when there are so many things that can be done when in reality it is a hindrance. Of course, the wrong will also be chased by the police. But that is the most dramatic part of the game when playing speed driving to escape.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator Mod – Do Anything You Like In The Big City

What limits are placed on Vegas Crime Simulator Mod? The answer would be nothing. Due to the purpose that the game is always aiming for. Want players to have another chance to live their lives the way they want. When not constrained by laws and regulations, consequences will occur. The game is built with a lot of interesting things that do not hesitate to explore. For example, military bases are places where almost everyone can’t get close, let alone enter. There is nothing better than trying to drive a tank on the road. Sure to create a commotion, the police will start chasing to stop the behavior. But even so, it only adds to the drama when someone pursues. There’s nothing to worry about, just delete it yourself. Feel free to rob cars, kill people and destroy everything if you don’t like it.Tai Vegas Crime Simulator Mod

Variety of Weapons

Talking about weapons in Vegas Crime Simulator Mod, she and many. There’s a store that specializes in this genre. Including many types, not only guns but also shells as well as knives. Spoiled for players to choose to dominate the streets. Just mentioning guns did not know how many guns there were. In addition to the common ones such as short pistols and shotguns, there are also rifles and submachine guns. Long-range cannons are even more dangerous as a single bullet can destroy several vehicles if placed close to each other. People standing in front of it are just like ants. Close-range combat is also not lacking, but short-range knives are still the easiest to use. In addition, the game also has a very nice feature. Can collect, and pick up from other objects to become their own.Game Vegas Crime Simulator Mod

Special Items

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod is designed with some amazing items. These are special items that can turn the player into a superhero. Can fly or do things beyond human imagination. With Robot skin you turn into a transformer robot. Will change both shape and strength. There are terrible weapons when the body is extremely large, can even transform into a car if desired. Or Super kick, each kick can be considered as weighing thousands of pounds. Can fly all vehicles and objects upon impact. No matter how strong or large the enemy is, they can’t withstand more than two hits. Those are just two of the many things that stand out. Don’t miss, join to get the most interesting experienceVegas Crime Simulator mod

Character Customization

If you want your character to be that unique, it’s completely customizable. Vegas Crime Simulator Mod builds a separate feature so don’t miss it. With a variety of clothes with all kinds of different styles. Feel free to edit, and create for yourself a separate style according to your liking. What it looks like is completely dependent on the player’s layout. Not only in terms of appearance but also the power is customizable. Upgrading will help to increase the stats in a number of ways. Such as in terms of damage power, endurance, and accuracy. Make it easier to roam around the city.Download Vegas Crime Simulator Mod

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod allows players to do everything they like. Stealing vehicles, racing at high speed, or even killing people for games is also completely normal. Although it is not allowed, no one can stop your actions. As the weapons in the game are designed a lot, there are also special items with great power. Know that it will take money if you want to own it. But this is a mod version built with unlimited money features. Then that problem is not difficult when the player’s amount reaches the limit.

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