Vikingard MOD (Menu, Unlimited Money, Battle Speed)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/04/2024
Vikingard MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Battle Speed)
Name Vikingard
Version v2.0.20.62709858
Size 715MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Battle Speed
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Netease Games Global


If you are an adventurous person. Enjoying adventures in new lands brings a sense of comfort. Then Vikingard MOD APK is not a bad choice. Open up a new adventure for players. The game revolves around the activities of the Vikings. Here players do not need to role-play and complete any tasks. Which will lead the people to glory. Through recruiting activities to fight. Compete for resources with other races to find capable warriors. Create a powerful army that can explore new lands. Take a lot of victories to expand the territory. In particular, the game is built according to an attractive storyline. Along with the impressive features provided by the publisher for users to experience.

Download Vikingard Mod – Lead an Army to Fight in Viking Style

Vikingard hack includes a lot of modes for users to experience. Includes story mode, and alliance mode. Each game mode is played very attractively, bringing interesting experiences. With the given rules, make sure to follow them. Along with gameplay with a distinct style from other action games. Bring you a completely new experience. Come to alliance mode to compete with other armies around the world.

Vikingard Mod

Game Vikingard in the name of the gods to fight against the enemies. Through duel, one lost one to another to prove his position in the castles of mythical Odin. League mode with the participation of many players around the world. Through the same server system, everyone can converge in one place. From there, lead the army to fight. In particular, there are many events for players to participate in each season. Win a chance to get valuable rewards.

Story mode with each level

Vikingard Mod is based on the plot of Norse mythology. In the beginning, your mission is to expand the territory. Through battle in the style of the Vikings. By recruiting warriors to form a powerful army. Then will lead them to participate in battles on each level. Each level opens up a challenge that revolves around combat. Defeat the enemy army in the battle to win. Completing quests in a level will get resources like experience or food. The player can then proceed to the next level. Taking place in a different location. With the enemy’s strength superior. Make it difficult for your army to attack. But at the same time, the reward received after the end is also increased.

tai Vikingard Mod

The process of fighting

Version hack Vikingard has a very unique fighting style of the Vikings. Each battle will be divided into several different stages. The army led by you will move forward to attack the enemy forces. At the same time will receive experience points and food after each passing stage. Take turns like this until you pass the stages to end the battle. From there, it is possible to complete the task of expanding more territories. However, the difficulty also increases with each match. The enemy’s strength is no longer what it used to be. To be able to win again will need the right strategy. Combine to recruit more new warriors into the squad. Then use the accumulated resources to upgrade their power.

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Hundreds of warriors

Game Vikingard provides a different character system for you to choose from. They are all warriors with outstanding strength. Each character has its own attack style. The difference between the warriors will be shown through their outer appearance. However, when the player recruits warriors, they must trade the resources collected from the battle. Then use it to trade to unlock your favorite warriors. At that time, it is possible to upgrade the strength of the warriors. By using existing resources to level up, and equip more weapons. From there will improve the ability to fight stronger. Easily defeat the enemy to complete the mission.

game Vikingard Mod

Vikingard Mod is a game with a unique and new fighting style. Since its launch, it has been loved and received by a large number of users. This Unlock Mod feature will help players no longer have a headache. For now, all the warriors will be yours. Add them to your squad to upgrade their power, speed, weaponry, and more. Help you have a powerful army to expand the territory. What are you waiting for to join us?

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