War Robots MOD 10.1.1 (Menu, Unlimited money, Ammo, Speed, Unlock Robots)

By MinhDuc - New update 20/05/2024
War Robots MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money, Ammo, Speed, Unlock Robots)
Name War Robots
Version v10.1.1
Size 96MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, Ammo, Speed, Unlock Robots
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers PIXONIC


With the rapid development of mobile phones. Mobile games have since been formed and developed. With tons of different themes. Action shooting is becoming a most popular topic. And it is impossible not to mention the game War Robots Multiplayer Battles. A game released by the giant PIXONIC. Fierce battles between giant robots. Weapons are equipped with the most advanced and modern. Along with the harmonious combination of eye-catching 3D graphics with vivid sound. When playing the game, you will experience a variety of different modes. You can freely express yourself with single person mode. Can be a group to show teamwork.

Download War Robots Mod – War of Giant Robots

Built on the theme of shooting action games. War Robots has giant robot warriors, armed with diverse guns. Each battle will be prolonged when the forces of either faction are annihilated. The remaining faction will win and receive the reward.

Download War Robots MOD

To win, players need to have a clear goal. There is a clear strategy and fighting style. Bring the members together for the best results. When starting the game, all must be highly focused. Game War Robots Multiplayer Battles does not allow you to make any mistakes. To experience all the functions of the game, you need to reach level 20. It is also a way to make players always have big surprises from the publisher.

There are many different game modes

The war of giant robots is not just a game mode. War Robots has different game modes. If you want to prove your talent, or simply want to improve your ability. Single player mode is the best option for you right now. In this mode, you are alone, you have to compete for survival with other players. Find the last surviving Robot, safe from any attack.

Tải War Robots MOD

In addition to the single player mode, War Robots Multiplayer Battles has a multiplayer mode. You can join clubs or even create your own. Join the brothers shoulder to shoulder. Join them in the competition in a 6 vs 6 match. Have clear goals, deploy strategies, support each other and win together.

Choose Robots and Modern Weapons

Not only diverse in gameplay, game War Robots Multiplayer Battles also has a super-terrible warrior robot system. Specifically, up to the present time the game offers more than 50 different types of Robots. The types are designed with modern, distinct style. Typically like Stalker, Carmage, Rhino, Fujin, Raijin, Kumiho, … Try your best with different types of robots to find a robot warrior that you love the most. The power of the Robot is shown through its health, attack speed and movement speed. Of course, powerful robots will never be free. There are many factors for you to own a robot that you love. You need to reach the required level and you must have gold coins to be able to unlock them.

Game War Robots MOD

Next to the giant robots is a modern weapon system. War Robots has three main types of weapons: light, medium and heavy. Each type of weapon will have different advantages and disadvantages. It is natural that a lower weapon will have lower damage potential than a higher level weapon. Just like Robot, players will unlock some locations to equip weapons. Through choosing to equip the right weapon. Typical are long-range sniper rifles, high-precision ballistic missiles. Or use a plasma cannon to deal massive damage.

Maps and tactics

There are many types of maps used in War Robots Multiplayer Battles. Each category will have a separate layout. The map will combine with the player’s tactics to create resounding victories. The Springfield map is described as an extensive map. But its topographical structure is bisected by the river and connected by a bridge. On one side was a field, sparsely populated with trees and obstructions. The other side is completely opposite, when there are many constructions blocking the view. There are also Valley, Rome, Castle and eight other maps. The system does not provide a description for you, but when you experience it, you can actively observe to capture the terrain.

Hack War Robots MOD

Game War Robots is a whole new experience. The feeling of excitement and stimulation will help you relieve stressful working hours. In particular, the game is completely free to download on the app stores. Or version of War Robots hack unlimited ammo will also be downloaded for free at here. What are you waiting for, if you don’t download and experience it right away.

HOT Features of War Robots Mod

  • The gameplay of the game is a combination of role-playing action as well as adventure.
  • Graphics in the game are appreciated by the design from Unity with beautiful 3D graphics, vivid sound.
  • 21 different types of Robots for you to explore with different powers.
  • More than 20 weapons with various types such as plasma guns, energy, ballistic missiles and more for you to choose from.
  • Loads of robot and weapon combo possibilities. Build a battle machine that suits your unique playstyle.
  • MOD Menu by TheArmKing.
  • Speed Multiplier – Increases movement speed.
  • Set Jump Height – Increases jump distance.
  • No Gravity – Removes gravity.
  • Bots don’t shoot – Bot-controlled robots will not shoot.
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