We’re Impostors Mod 1.7.1 (Unlocked Skins)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
We’re Impostors Mod {{version}} (Unlocked Skins)
Name We're Impostors: Kill Together
Version v1.7.1
Size 70MB
MOD Features Unlocked Skins
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Great Arcade Games


Enjoy the combination of the mechanics of controlling two characters at the same time in We’re Impostors Mod. Bringing you a fascinating experience of puzzle gameplay. Along with a series of missions that take place according to each challenge. Follow the challenge of increasing levels of play after each start of a new mission. The content of this game revolves around the journey of two fakers. You will have to lead them to kill the crew in the context of a spaceship. Aim to perform a lot of different tasks given in each challenge. Along with that is a combination of puzzle gameplay and stickman-style shaping. Have the opportunity to explore many different skins. Helps you change the appearance of two impostors during the game.

Download We’re Impostors Mod – Companion with Two Imposters to Solve Puzzles

The gameplay of We’re Impostors Mod is puzzle-style. Revolving around the activity leading both impostors to carry out the mission. Kill the crew in a spaceship. In order to rescue the comrades who are being held by them in the test tube. Will have to use a switch mechanism to change the control. Perform each operation in turn to move the faker. Then kill the crew one by one to complete the mission. Accordingly, there will need to be a combination of the two forgers. Work together on tough challenges. Because this is not just an ordinary journey. But also puzzles with many dangerous challenges. Can cause either impostor to lose his life or be hindered. Meaning the task cannot be completed.We're Impostors Mod

Quests by level, then get rewards

Our Impostors Mod builds missions according to each level of play. With intriguing puzzles unfolding in a reimagined setting of a spaceship. With the appearance of a lot of dangerous obstacles. As well as the deadly trap that can cost two fakers their lives. Along with that is the difficult and complex terrain that awaits ahead. Participate in each level of play to do the puzzle activity. Successfully kill the crew to complete the mission. From there it is possible to pass a level and receive rewards. Based on the difficulty of each participating mission. The amount received will correspond to the completed level. Accordingly will receive more and more money after new levels. Helps you to accumulate to use transactions and unlock.Tai We're Impostors Mod

The challenge is increasing day by day

Complete a mission to kill the crew or rescue teammates in We’re Impostors Mod. It is possible to proceed to the next level. The challenge has since increased with many changing factors. Make it more difficult for you to overcome. For example, the terrain conditions for moving are complex. Dangerous obstacles appear when touched. Or create pitfalls that require good coordination between two impostors. Following that is the challenge created by different puzzles. Make you use your skills and intelligence to perform. Observe the surrounding landscape and solve puzzles. Change each impostor and move to different locations on the map in turn. At the same time support opens the way and passes.Game We're Impostors Mod

Collect gold coins, and letters and use magnets

During the quest of We’re Impostors Mod. Gold coins can be collected. They appear scattered in different locations. Either one of the two forgers can collect. From there will be accumulated to use in unlocking new skins. However, gold coins appear in different ways. That will cause you to encounter some difficulties. In order not to miss any coins, it will be necessary to use support items. That is to use a magnet with the ability to attract all in a certain range. But can only be used for a limited time. Not stopping there, I will sometimes randomly find letters. Turn collected to hate into a complete word. Then you will receive a huge bonus.Download We're Impostors Mod

Lots of beautiful skins are provided by We’re Impostors Mod. They will change the appearance of the two impostors to become more impressive. However, it is necessary to use accumulated gold coins to unlock. Each skin will require a different condition. Not only the amount necessary but also the corresponding level. After changing the appearance of the two impostors. Their killing style is also changed. Help you have a more enjoyable experience during the game, besides, the activity of participating in the lucky wheel. There is also a chance to receive a large number of gold coins, and revived hearts. If you are lucky, you will randomly receive new skin.

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