What The Fight Mod APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited Money)

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What The Fight Mod APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited Money)
Name What The Fight
Version 1.6.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 119MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher VOODOO


What The Fight Mod is a fighting-style arcade game. Created and developed by the VOODOO team. In the game, players will enjoy exciting moments. The side of the character is simply designed in the style of a stickman. With a variety of different matches to challenge, compete in freestyle. Entering the match, the player will have to find a way to destroy all opponents. By moving skillfully, pick up pre-designed items. Used to attack, throw or hurl at enemies. As long as you can’t deal damage that causes blood loss. If the game rules and regulations do not exist, players can do everything. There will be no limits set to prevent it. The sole purpose of simply defeating all opponents is to be able to win.

Download What The Fight Mod – The Stickman Characters’ Lawless Freedom Fight

Games of the fighting genre now exist a lot. In the form of simple graphics, the stickman style is also not lacking. Among them is What The Fight Mod with extremely interesting gameplay that you should not ignore. Joining players can fight in the style they like. The game has no rules, just kill all the opponents to win. Do it in two ways. With the first method, players will need to find objects on the field to make offensive weapons. Or you can use your bare hands, but that won’t work. When the goal is to deal damage, causing the lifeline to be depleted. Second, just finding a way to push the opponent off the field can immediately end. Very fast but the technical requirements are quite high and very difficult to implement. The game is designed with a lot of battles, freely participating in showing talent. Try to win. Enjoy real leisure moments.What The Fight Mod

Unique Weapons

What The Fight Mod was created by the developer with a very unique weapon system. The game has free-to-play gameplay that makes everything quite comfortable. When used, items can be used to attack the opponent. Wooden boxes, trash cans, chairs, etc. of all kinds. Join the match, players just need to get close enough to pick it up in their hands. Or directly throw the impact to deal damage. Of course, there are also some specialized in combat. A pistol, although small, is extremely effective in the game. Or the water gun as well. Just keep a certain distance and then the attack will kill the enemy while not losing a drop of health. Of course, the opponent has the same ability so be very careful.Tai What The Fight Mod

Hundreds of Levels

For games in offline mode. All matches will be pre-designed, players only need to choose and experience them. What The Fight Mod is the same, with no exceptions. The game is designed for hundreds of different battles. Divided into many levels difficulty will be gradually increased. Based on the number as well as the ability of the opponent. Towards the end failure is quite possible but doesn’t give up. Practicing a lot can definitely win to continue the journey. Challenge yourself to a higher level. Of course, the rewards there will be of great value. When it depends on what achievements the player can achieve.Download What The Fight Mod

Simplified Design

The capacity of the game What The Fight Mod is very light. Because the game is designed quite simply, the graphics are almost as optimized as possible. The character simply takes the form of a human with limbs and a face. The detail is almost absent because it is built with basic strokes. Almost all of them are the same, the only thing that distinguishes them is the color. The playing fields are the same, playing in midair. There is almost no exterior, but only the main battlefield follows a boxy pattern. Along with the grip also has a few more details and basic items used as weapons. It’s not that the developer is incompetent to build. That purpose was created to be suitable for all smartphones. Anyone can download and experience it.Game What The Fight Mod

What The Fight Mod looks so simple, but there are also a lot of things that need to be spent money on if you want to own it. The game is designed to have a store of its own, although it is not large, it also has some extremely useful things. But the price is quite high, and so is the upgrade. But if you want to win, you can’t ignore it. As you progress to the next level, the difficulty will be increased. Causing great inconvenience to players. To solve that, the game has an unlimited money mod feature. Create a huge wealth that can be used for anything.

Download What The Fight MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023

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