Who is? Brain Teaser Mod APK (Unlimited Hints)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/11/2023
Who is? Brain Teaser Mod APK (Unlimited Hints)
Name Who is? Brain Teaser & Tricky Riddles
Version v1.8.0.1
Size 122MB
MOD Features Unlimited Hints
Support Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Unico Studio


Who is? Brain Teaser Mod is a puzzle game. Created and developed by the Unico Studio team. Where players will have the opportunity to challenge their own intelligence. When the game is designed with a lot of different questions, divided into many levels. With the situation given are the photos, asking the player to find the mystery in it. I know it won’t be easy, but never give up. Let’s think together, there are always special episodes created. It is important to know based on that to find the answer. Every detail is extremely important, never ignore even the smallest. Sometimes that is intentionally included to help the player. A small hint to find the solution, see who is the right person according to the requirements.

Download Who is? Brain Teaser Mod – Puzzle, Find People On Demand

The games built in the puzzle genre are now many. But each game company offers different gameplay. Who is? Brain Teaser Mod here will ask players to find humans. That’s right, participating in the game, players will be included in countless puzzles. With a very special question. Not as verbose as other casual games. But here is only a single image with a few short lines of text on it. They all fall into one category of questions, which is Who is? Find out who the right person is. Of course, in the image, there will be certain instructions and characteristics for identification. But finding it or not is another matter, there is no shortage of distracting details. Try, it’s hard to have but easy is not lacking. The game also has many challenges created with only two characters. That is, the answer is extremely simple with a ratio of 50/50.Tai Who is Brain Teaser Mod

Interesting Situation

Who is? Brain Teaser Mod has many levels, according to which situations are given. But the special point worth mentioning here is not the quantity. It’s about the plot built by the developer. The game is inspired by many aspects. Love stories, finding feelings that look passionately attached. But in reality, there is a person who deceives the other. Or with images of ordinary people. Was given the question, who is the richest? There are also murder and robbery cases, even a lot. But under different circumstances. In general, all genres, are located on many important aspects of life. But the goal is to ask the player to answer and see who the killer is. Of course, there will be details and scenes to indicate the answer.Download Who is Brain Teaser Mod

Support Functions

Although the creation of the quiz in Who is? Brain Teaser Mod is used to challenge players. But it is impossible to ignore the case where the question is too difficult, beyond the player’s ability. Finding the answer is almost helpless, after a lot of thinking, there is no right answer. Avoid stagnation in the game by designing more support functions. With an image of a lightbulb, simply tapping on the hint will appear as a guide. Help the player continue the journey, to the next level. But to use, it costs money. It also takes a lot of effort to be rewarded.Who is Brain Teaser Mod

Unique Graphics And Sound

Graphics of Who is? Brain Teaser Mod is designed to be extremely simple. There are almost no effects at all. When all the questions as well as the content of the game revolve around certain images. At most, there are a few more lines of text and questions. But there is still the highlight, which is about the character. Countless, almost no duplication in shaping. All are created in the form of animation to bring the fun. Suitable for all ages, not only for children but also for adults. Can be used to entertain, and stimulate the brain in free time. The sound of the game is also amazing. Upbeat music brings excitement to the experience.Game Who is Brain Teaser Mod

Go to Who is? Brain Teaser Mod players will have for themselves the feature of infinite hints. Aim to be able to pass all difficult questions. Get to the point where the game was designed the fastest. Discover many extremely interesting questions. Of course, the player can choose to use it or not. Many people want to prove their abilities. But there are also people who aim for entertainment, breaking the island. It is entirely possible to use hints to accomplish the purpose. Usually, the exam will be limited in number, but not with the mod. Feel free to use it as you like, use it at will.

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