Wild Blood Mod APK 1.1.5 (Unlimited Money, Gold)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/11/2023
Wild Blood Mod APK 1.1.5 (Unlimited Money, Gold)
Name Wild Blood
Version v1.1.5
Size 43MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gold
Support Android 2.3
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Gameloft SE


Wild Blood Mod is an engaging action game. Since its launch, it has been well received by many users. Bring players to the mysterious fantasy world. Where you will transform into a hero fighting against the forces of darkness. With an engaging storyline and a diverse mission system. There you will experience an amazing adventure. With large-scale battles. It is possible to travel through many locations, meet the most ferocious enemies and reach the last place. Darkness is enveloping his kingdom. With the help of weapons and equipment, it is necessary to fight fiercely. The further you go, the more possibilities will be discovered. Let’s create an unprecedented fantasy adventure story here.

Download Wild Blood Mod – The War Against The Overwhelming Darkness

According to the main plot of Wild Blood Mod. You will play Lancelot, a great hero. King Arthur suspects him of having an affair with Queen Guinevere. With jealousy and anger, he became obsessed with the all-powerful witch. Morgana Le Fey is tricked into opening the portal of time. Allow all forms of dark demons to invade the world. Since then, the entire kingdom has been shrouded in darkness and danger lurks everywhere. It’s time for Lancelot to decide his own fate. You will help him on his way to the castle. Where the almighty witch is holding the king and queen. It’s the last place to rescue people. You have to conquer and complete the adventure ride and end it all.Wild Blood Mod game

Unleash your fighting potential

Wild Blood Mod brings 2 typical modes. If you want to explore the plot, you should experience PvE. Contains a variety of shadow combat missions. But in this mode, you are not alone. There will be the support of Gawain and many other heroes facing the darkness. They act as guides to guide you through new lands. Defeat the most savage enemies and get the loot you deserve. However, if you like large-scale battles, PvP is a reasonable choice. These form a team with 3 other players. To join the 4v4 battlefield or conquer the chess mode.Download Wild Blood Mod

Wild Blood Mod brings engaging combat. So work hard on your skills. The character can be controlled using the buttons on the left side of the screen. Simultaneously press the virtual buttons to use the weapon. But in battle, it is necessary to combine these smoothly and flexibly these operations. Move wisely to dodge attacks. Approach enemies with powerful slashes. From there you can win as quickly as possible. Also, keep an eye out for new weapons to make the action more flexible.

Unlimited Upgrades

Wild Blood Mod offers a journey through. Upgrading is inevitable. To improve the character’s stats, you need to complete the quest to receive the bonus. As well as unlocking new skills and weapons. Therefore, the main stats include damage, crit, and speed. It is also possible to activate new skills derived from resources. Like fire, ice and light. Regarding weapons, you will find bows, axes, knives… In particular, there are some zodiac signs that can help increase or decrease damage and recovery. Combine them all in your way to upgrade your hero and stand a chance to go further.Wild Blood Mode

High-quality 3D graphics background

Wild Blood Mod impresses with its exquisite graphic design and high quality. The 3D style has brought beautiful frames to the characters. The warrior looks great in armor and equipment. Powerful and aura radiates when moving and attacking. In addition, the boss system is carefully designed and full of creativity. Thereby creating war in the game between warriors. The voice acting is also very realistic, the music is attractive in each scene.tai Wild Blood Mod

Wild Blood Mod brings with it exciting adventures. With battles that few games have. Let’s play the hero and conquer everything. Challenges along the way. A vast fantasy world with many secrets is waiting for you to discover. There are also online leaderboards where it is possible to compete with friends. Put your name on it for everyone to know. This is exactly why the game is so attractive. What are you waiting for, let’s join now?

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