Wild Hunter 3D Mod APK 1.0.14 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/11/2023
Wild Hunter 3D Mod APK 1.0.14 (Unlimited Money)
Name Wild Hunter 3D
Version v1.0.14
Size 36MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Italic Games


Wild Hunter 3D Mod is a shooting game inspired by animal hunting movies. The game has a very diverse mission system and animal systems. You don’t just go hunting the most common animals like deer, elk, and zebra. You can also hunt prehistoric animals or animals that have escaped from laboratories. Your task is to aim and shoot, but things are not so simple. You have to aim precisely at constantly moving targets. In addition, you also have to suffer the recoil of large destructive hunting guns. Hone your skills to find valuable loot. The system of animals and landscapes in the game will surprise you. Download this gameplay now on CH Play or App Store. Or you can download more mod versions with unlimited money feature on the website cormod.com

Download Wild Hunter 3D Mod – Become a professional hunter

Do you dream of becoming a professional hunter? Wild Hunter 3D Mod will help you do it right on just one phone. The game offers you more than 200 hunting challenges spread across modes. Includes: Test Hunter, Bounty Hunt, Danger Hunt, and more. Each one of the game challenges will take you into the colorful natural world. Where you can show your shooting skills by killing animals. The attraction of this game lies in the mission system and graphics. Dense quest system with attractive rewards. With realistic and high-quality 3D graphics platform that makes your experience interesting.

Wild Hunter 3D Mod

A Hunter’s Quest

Each mission in Wild Hunter 3D Mod has certain conditions to complete. That is you have to hunt zebras, golden deer, mountain goats,… Or maybe dinosaurs, pterosaurs, sea lions, polar bears,… Complete the missions one by one, you can level up from novice hunter to legendary hunter. You can kill and collect animals to unlock achievements. From there, you can open many new hunting maps that no one has ever set foot on. When hunting, you have to combine many actions to easily defeat them quickly. Therefore, you must click on the icon on the screen to aim and shoot. You can also use some tools like smoke bombs or needles in case of an emergency. Because you will most likely encounter creatures that are even scarier than tyrannosaurs.

Game Wild Hunter 3D Mod

Weapon system

Wild Hunter 3D Mod has an extremely rich weapon system. With many types of weapons such as sniper rifles, grenades, and knives, … Each weapon has its indicators of damage, recoil, accuracy, reload speed, and destructive force. The influences greatly influence the outcome of the hunt. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade and improve them regularly to suit the environment and the animals you want to hunt. Upgrading is not difficult, but it will cost you a lot of money. Making money is difficult because hunting is not a simple thing.

Wild Hunter 3D Mod

To increase the weapon’s stats in Wild Hunter 3D Mod you need to upgrade the weapon’s spare parts. For example, with a scoped gun you can upgrade the scope to increase accuracy. Change the magazine to a higher level to increase the amount of ammunition in the magazine or increase the reload speed. Reload speed is important in situations where many wild animals attack you. Or upgrade the barrel to increase the stability of the gun,… Upgrade the necessary parts to increase the power of the weapon. Improve them to become the most powerful weapons to hunt the most powerful animals or creatures. They are considered the final bosses of the game.

Eye-catching 3D graphics system

Wild Hunter 3D Mod will surprise you. With realistic 3D graphics, players can experience the most realistic hunting trips. Entering the game you will see what wild animals look like in real life. Or the landscapes and hunting areas are also meticulously designed. With the effects of volcanic eruptions, melting ice in the arctic, or sandstorms in the desert. You will experience these wonderful things through the character’s first-person perspective.

download Wild Hunter 3D Mod

In Wild Hunter 3D Mod, space and time are at the same point. Because you can meet monsters from prehistoric times to mysterious creatures from labs. Or even the wild animals of the times we live in. All of these creatures appeared at the same time. And all of them are present in this action game. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading this gameplay to your device? To have interesting hunting trips after stressful school hours.

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