Worms Zone.io MOD 5.5.3 (Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked, Max level)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/05/2024
Worms Zone.io MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked, Max level)
Name Worms Zone.io
Version v5.5.3
Size 86MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked, Max level
Support Android 5.1+
Category Action
Price Free


Worms Zone.io is a game in the top of the best snake hunting games on phones. The gameplay is quite simple, which is to control your earthworm to find food. Our main characters are nothing but earthworms of all kinds. They wriggled around the screen to compete with each other for pieces of cake and cheese. These worms differ only in color and size, but they are enemies of each other. You will also have to dodge them all, choose the direction wisely so as not to be besieged. When surrounded by another large worm, it quickly narrows its encirclement. Sooner or later you’ll have to crash into it because there’s no way to go and… Game Over

Download Worms Zone.io Mod – Dramatic chase in the worm zone

If you just want to play stress relief games for a short time, you should not download Worms Zone.io. Because starting the journey with this earthworm, you will be hard to stop. This addictive game will consume a lot of your time because the gameplay is simple but very attractive. Inspired by the game Snakes of prey on early Nokia phones such as 110i, 1200 … When the internet boomed, the legendary game was developed to be played on smartphones and computers. One of them is game Worms Zone.io that we are talking about. Or a few other similar names like Slither.io, Little Big Snake… So let’s find out what’s interesting about the Worms Zone in Worms Zone.io.

Download Worms Zone.io MOD - Vùng Giun Đất.io

Choose and customize for your earthworms

If in legend hunting snake just a pure black. Now the worms are extremely gorgeous with many colors and designs. Play ver Worms Zone.io with the aim of raising your worms to become the biggest to become a champion. But the champion also needs to stand out from the crowd to show the top 1 position. The game has more than 50 species of earthworms for you to choose from. Each species has its own distinct shape and color. To meet the preferences of the fastidious worm breeders. The game has added custom functions of color and fashion for the worms. Make worm warriors unique in your own style

Tải Worms Zone.io MOD - Vùng Giun Đất.io

Need a hunting strategy

Game Worms Zone.io is a game with no time, score and size limits. So there are many ways for you to bring your earthworm to the championship. If you have a lot of time, you can choose the strategy of climbing the mountain in hiding. That means you will stay away from other worms, avoid unnecessary clashes. And quietly collect pieces of food along the way. This way of playing is a bit time consuming but quite safe and sure. The second way is that you will directly participate in confrontation with the opponent. Use cunning and cool head to defeat other worms. The opponent is bigger, don’t be afraid, because whoever is faster will win

Game Worms Zone.io MOD - Vùng Giun Đất.io

Explore the big world

After choosing the worm, customize the cool set of clothes that you love. So we can start this extremely fun journey right away. The world in Worms Zone.io is an infinite and extremely large world. The food of earthworms is uncountable, along with many interesting things waiting for you. There are many different kinds of food for worms, all of which are things that you would love to eat. For example hamburgers, sandwiches, vegetables such as pumpkin, corn, cauliflower. Many kinds of expensive fruits like kiwi, apple… This earthworm game is quite simple in terms of gameplay. But it still requires the player to have a faster situational mindset than the opponent

Hack Worms Zone.io MOD - Vùng Giun Đất.io

Worms Zone.io has a simple graphic design but the gameplay is very unique. You will definitely be hooked and the game will steal your time without you even knowing it. 3D technology has brought beautiful worms with many colors. They will become funnier, much more adorable after being redesigned by the owner of the earthworm. Download version hack to your phone by following the link of the my website. You will get unlimited money, shopping to enjoy all you want in the game. Unlock funny, lovely skins for free. Help your worm to become unique in front of the crowd. Download game Worms Zone.io with unlimited money and start hunting.

HOT feature of Worms Zone .io

  • Use supports to become the champion.
  • Multiple power-up bonuses.
  • Choose from a variety of costumes for different worms
  • New skins added
  • Chests can now be opened without waiting
  • Advanced Graphics
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