X Survive Mod APK 1.755 (Unlimited Money, No Hunger, No Thirst)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/11/2023
X Survive Mod APK 1.755 (Unlimited Money, No Hunger, No Thirst)
Name X Survive: Open World Sandbox
Version v1.755
Size 159MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Hunger, No Thirst
Support Android 5.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Free Square Games


Have you ever thought about getting lost on a deserted planet? No food. No drinks. X Survive Mod This will bring those things. It belongs to the genre of action, survival adventure. It opens up to life hard on Planet X. With a habitat covered in sand. It is possible to survive on a planet rife with danger and a lack of everything. You have no choice but to act. Search for objects left over from different areas. Build a safe haven. Find lots of materials to build houses. Also, you have to fight against dangerous mobs. They will try to kill you and take all the resources you have. The game is an interesting story. You will understand more when you experience it.

Download X Survive Mod – Join Astronauts in Survival Adventure

The story of X Survive Mod begins on planet X. It revolves around an astronaut flying a ship in the vast universe. Unfortunately, there is a problem and he has to land on a mysterious planet called X. To survive in a new world different from Earth. Astronauts face dangers. But after a while of research and discovery. He found it to offer a suitable living environment. Only then will it be decided to gather resources to build a solid foundation. Join the game to accompany the astronauts on the adventure. Face tough challenges to survive. At the same time, they aim to turn this place into a developed city. Through construction activities that take place over time.X Survive Mod

Over 500 building blocks

X Survive Mod brings a world of survival to users. With fun freestyle gameplay and collect building blocks. The system offers more than 500 different building blocks. They are important components and elements that you can use to build a house. Moreover, it is a large, modern civilized city. Start the quest by collecting simple resources. Then use them to create different building blocks. Look around to choose a good location. Lay the foundation for the work. Start with a bigger goal. Over time, the early stages are still difficult. The house was built with a lot of waste. But later new houses are used with more advanced materials.X Survive Mod

Dig sand, make mining equipment

Sand is covered all over planet X. Joining X Survive Mod players can collect resources and find building materials. You have to dig the sand to find them. From there you can build everything. Grow to go further in the future. After you join the game, the system will detail the crafting process. Through some of the items collected from the quest to unlock the treasure chest. Use them to combine to create mining tools. It is an incredibly productive sand-digging pistol. You can blow sand in a specific area. Plus, there are loads of other sci-fi gear to use. Many types are created by combining them.X Survive Mod game

Open gameplay, lots of activities

X Survive Mod is based on survival simulation gameplay. You are free to roam around to explore. Unleash your creativity to build a house and create a dream city. Or join many other activities to learn more about the mystery. Drive vehicles to move faster and reduce travel time. With that comes dangerous challenges. When searching for resources and collecting materials to build. Sometimes they are attacked by mobs. They are equipped with weapons to rob you of the resources you are holding. They will come and take everything from you. As well as running away to make sure life is safe. You can choose to fight. After winning, you will have the opportunity to receive many gifts.download X Survive Mod

Join the survival journey in X Survive Mod. It is necessary to pay attention to the astronaut indicators. Including health, stamina, and water intake. When exhausted one of the three elements. The character becomes exhausted. Affected health will reduce the fight if they are attacked by mobs. Resistance decreases with time and different actions. For example, to search, fight and perform other operations. The amount of water in the body also decreases. Stable living, need to take care of health. Use items to heal. To soon create a world of its own on the planet.

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