XCOM: Enemy Within MOD APK 1.7.0 (Mega Menu, God mode, Onehit)

By MinhDuc - New update 24/12/2023
XCOM: Enemy Within MOD APK 1.7.0 (Mega Menu, God mode, Onehit)
Name XCOM: Enemy Within
Version v1.7.0
Size 1.6GB
MOD Features Mega Menu, God mode, Onehit
Support Android 4.0
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers 2K, Inc.


Show your strategy in defending the world from alien enemies in XCOM®: Enemy Within . Therefore, you have to fight against various dangers. Stop not only alien enemies but also monsters on earth. This game is an extremely attractive sci-fi game. Unleash the brutal setting that follows the story of a mysterious meteorite falling to earth.

Accordingly, you will become the commander of a special unit. Mobilize heroes to attack and destroy enemies. The game is built in a tactical style. Your task is to arrange the position of the heroes so that they can act and attack the enemy in the most effective way. Here, players also enjoy 3D graphics throughout the game. Reproduction of landscapes and surroundings in fictional form.

Download XCOM: Enemy Within Mod – Fight With Enemies To Protect The World

Before entering the war in XCOM: Enemy Within hack . Learn about the content of the game. Through thrilling stories recreated through a short film. Set in the world of the future. At night, a strange object suddenly appeared in the sky right in the center of the city. Since then, a lot of people have come to watch. But that curiosity has resulted in countless lives being lost and put in danger. Because of a blue light emitted from a foreign object. It attacks the people around and takes their lives. These lucky survivors did not escape, they were captured. From there, begin an arduous mission of rescuing hostages and destroying enemies.

XCOM Enemy Inside Mod

Task Force Xcom

After the catastrophic events that take place in the game XCOM: Enemy Within. The world government has become aware of the dangers of unidentified foreign bodies. To rescue the people who have been arrested. In addition to clarifying the cause of the appearance of foreign bodies. They deployed a special group called Xcom. This is a secret organization specializing in space-related missions. Your mission is to protect the world from alien attack. The members of the organization are all powerful warriors. You will be put on a spaceship to fly into the galaxy. The goal is to save the humans and fight the aliens.

tai XCOM Enemy Inside Mod

Against the enemy

Become the commander of the Xcom squad in the game XCOM: Enemy Within Mod . Your mission is to fight against many different dangers. Accordingly, to launch a campaign to attack bases abroad. These are invaders trying to conspire for supremacy. You will have to fight endlessly against evil to protect the world. Going to the battlefield would be extremely dangerous. Requires players to have skilled skills. If the mission failed, it would be impossible to preserve the order of all mankind. So there’s nothing left but to fight. Only when the enemies in space are destroyed can you complete the protection mission.

game XCOM Enemy Inside Mod

In the hacked version of XCOM: Enemy Within , players don’t just deal with alien enemies. Xcom’s special forces also have to fight against a criminal organization called Exalt. They are brutal criminals who have worked with aliens from outer space. Equip modern weapon systems to fight special forces. Their goal is to destroy humanity to achieve world domination.

Many tasks need to be done

Lead the Xcom task force to participate in battles in the game XCOM: Enemy Within . There will be many different missions. Attack the enemy base to destroy all their brains. State-of-the-art alien structures have been built. Robbing spaceships, the goal is to find flaws in the design and destroy them. Or fight enemies in space to rescue the captured. There are many other quests that open up every time a new war is started. Accordingly, based on achievements in the game. You will get a lot of valuable loot and bonuses. They are used to improve and develop the squad.

download XCOM Enemy Inside Mod

Overall, the heat of XCOM: Enemy Within Mod is undeniable. Because the game brings many different heroes. They are warriors with outstanding skills. They all go through special training with rigorous exams. There are some heroes like Heavy, Assault, etc. The fighting ability of each person is not the same. Example: Assault uses shotguns to attack electronic devices and machines. Along with that, there are many interesting things waiting for players to discover.

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